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  1. If you honestly trust the pharma industry over 5 millennia of natural medicine maybe you should leave Aya alone

  2. Aya and other plant medicines saved me from an IV meth addiction, but it doesn’t do yak shit when it comes to COVID. So, maybe don’t shame someone or try to turn them away because they want to be safe when it comes to COVID protocol..

  3. I was wondering at what point does a magic mushroom become illegal? If they are growing on my property can I be charged, or do I have to pick it up off the ground first?

  4. I used to run a pretty decently sized grow-op and it becomes illegal the minute you have pins. Growing mycelium isn’t illegal, but as soon as you pin in the eyes of the law it is manufacture of a controlled substance, so like a meth lab.

  5. Iv been on etsy, I like there products, but some can be high priced for the sets and the shipping is sometimes high as well. For me ebay works better. Found 2 pretty cool stores but where these came from I believe it's Spacecase420world llc. Haven't bought yet but my coworker/Stoner mate did and theirs has a nice print color popping not flimsy like some iv bought. Think Friday I might just go crazy 😂

  6. So are these your products? That’s honestly what it feels like

  7. I wish lol. Idk how it seems like thst, if someone compliments you on what you have, don't you tell them where you get it from? I do. If I get compliments on my outfit I'd give them location aisle #, Price everything lmao.

  8. He was alone. Showed in an earlier video - hes quite an introvert actually - there's another video of him dealing with a panic attack on a busy walking path. I highly doubt he would do this with other people around.

  9. Women do have smaller brains (about 11% smaller on average). It’s a biological fact.

  10. Good advice, just don’t understand what Jason Momoa has to do w/ any of it.

  11. Maybe he's just vibe'n. I just really liked the quote. It sums up some of my biggest struggles in recovery

  12. Hey, me too. I quit cigs earlier this year, been vaping and tapering off (I know it's not "the way", but it's progress). When my niece was born a few years ago, I was heartbroken that I couldn't smell the new baby smell everyone talks about. My nephew was born earlier this year, there is no greater smell than that new baby head smell. I cried like a child meeting him, and none of my nieces or nephews has a bond to me like he does. He wants me to hold him, because I don't stink anymore. He cuddles INTO me like he's trying to cuddle my heart through my ribs. I'm living something I thought I'd never get to, you can do this. WE can do this!

  13. Hey, I was smoking a pack and a half of cigarettes every day. Now I’m vaping a 3% juul and can usually make a 4 pk last 4-5 days now. People can talk shit all they want about vaping, but compared to cigarettes there’s really no question how much less harm it does to your body.

  14. Dude you said the level of melanin in your skin makes you more prone to sucker punch people lmao. That goes way beyond dog whistling. That is dictionary definition racism.

  15. I have. In fact was banned from another subreddit for pointing that shit out.

  16. You sure you weren’t banned for being a racist asshat?

  17. Don’t give me that ‘Poverty of the Mezzogiorno’ bullshit…

  18. Damn bro, I like to think of myself as an expert at rolling and you have put me to shame. Congrats

  19. As another mid 30's white guy I will implore you to give Kendrick Lamar a try if you haven't already. His music is more about story telling and has a message. It isn't about making hit songs, the entire album is tied together with an overarching story or theme. You are his target demographic because he is telling everyone these stories. It's poetry, it's catchy and deep. To Pimp a Butterfly and Good Kid, Mad City are where I'd start depending on which catches your ear more. His second to last album

  20. Kendrick will always the GOAT imo. I will say I’ve been incrementally more impressed w/ Tyler, the Creator’s last three albums. I used to not be able to stand him, but he has won me over big time.

  21. I am also a meth addict and I have some clean time. Some tips I have for you are as follows:

  22. Former meth-head here as well and I second all the points

  23. The girl in the red jacket and red shoes prancing gets me every time.

  24. Meth does not come as a pill… I’m sure you mean some type of adhd medicine and are you sure she doesn’t have a prescription? Also you can’t force somebody to taper or to quit. If you even try she’s just going to continue going behind your back and be even less honest with you. Edit: just read the rest of your post…. Amphetimies don’t help you sleep either? No offense but your whole post is a whole lot to unpack and very little of it makes sense

  25. Yes, quite often it does in the form of pressed ‘Adderall’. 30 mg meth presses are very common, plus it also comes in a prescribed pill form known as Desoxyn, although it is extremely rare to be prescribed in this day and age.

  26. Extremely rare even adderall presses, but even then he says the help her sleep?? Makes no sense

  27. They absolutely are not extremely rare. You think the people making illicit pressed adderall w/ an illegal press are using something other than liquid meth to make it with?

  28. So, so happy to hear this! I am Always so deeply Moved and grateful when Ayahuasca helps another Human Being come back into wholeness after addiction! Thank you for chiming in! 🙏

  29. It's there, you just got a nurture it. And "cool" is subjective. What one person thinks it's cool, someone else could think is completely lame. Later in life, the only "cool" you got to be is to the one that you're with. They're all that matters. May everyone find the one for themselves that they're cool to.

  30. Didn’t I see you on Reddit earlier getting clowned by a bunch of people for editing a comment?

  31. Which movie is it from? I'm not actually familiar with it.

  32. Second time I’ve seen that shit referenced today. 😂

  33. Yo! I’m nowhere near any of that - but I too like saying hello. Hello!

  34. I’m just waiting until the brown wandering moose fucks the rodent on my lap.

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