1. It's not surprising though. We all get blinded by biases in life one way or another. In every discussion of this, you would see Dolphins fans trying to play it off as not a big deal after Sunday and repeating ad nauseam that he was definitely cleared and nothing to see here. Even after Thursday, Dolphins fans would try to absolve the team or McDaniels.

  2. If your name starts with the letter J - you’re probably a good CB

  3. Rightfully so. If that was my son I’d assemble the most insanely powerful and aggressive lawyers on the planet to go after the team. I’m a Dad and all I can think about is what if that was my son?

  4. What parents can't spank now? And why aren't you Miami fans mad at your player Tyreek Hill at how he beats and abuses children and women?

  5. You're 100% right. Misogyny hurts men too, and it's also so frustrating when assholes go the complete opposite direction and turn the very real issue of men being victimized into some bullshit "men's rights" crusade.

  6. I get what you are saying lol but the fourth linked comment kinda sums up what I’m trying to say. Fans only like it cuz the Phins did it to the Bills and got a penalty out of it. It didn’t injure Allen it wasn’t dangerous it was just stupid and annoying.

  7. I am confused by the origin of this alliance (a. thought it was a Dalton thing and b. thought the love was one sided) but it's sweet and I'll take it

  8. I feel like their run plays are oddly designed and slow to develop. Like Josh gets the ball and hangs out for a second or two before handing it off. I’m not sure the reason behind this but I’m sure there must be one.

  9. Not a popular opinion but I want to see more under center plays, run and pass but especially run

  10. I think overall he called a pretty good game. Missing the center and RT threw the line and rhythm off. Gabe wasn’t 100%, diggs had to come out of play constantly, kumerow came out early, and the players made some mistakes. Through the first 3 games I have seen a lot of creativity and I don’t think we are anywhere near our potential.

  11. I get the frustration but I think all fan bases have cunts all around, don't take the internet as the baseline for fans. Our two fan bases are pretty similar to be honest. I lived in Buffalo for close to 8 years and my friends flew up most years to watch the game up there and you guys were always gracious hosts. Don't take the loss too hard, you guys have a great qb and gm putting the team together.

  12. Clearly the Bills are a terrible team, they can’t even win with checks notes without a secondary!

  13. Joking aside, I always thought we were at risk of losing but our secondary held up remarkably well vs expectations

  14. They just beat the consensus best team in the league and are 2-0 against their division. Every team in the league has flaws. The Chiefs lost and the Bucs are losing. What’s the harm in saying that the Dolphins are the best team in the league right now?

  15. Bills looked more dominant last week too.

  16. Allen having a bad game is the exaggeration of the century?! Lmao. Cmon now. He’s going to have bad game.. this was one of them. Fortunately for us (and Allen) miamis defenders let 7 passes go through their finger tips.. Allen will bounce back. He needs to. Our schedule is fucking brutal.

  17. Allen has never thrown 6 picks in a game, insinuating that he was lucky to have not is implying that this is one of his worse performances ever

  18. I believe it was another coach Lmaoo

  19. It's all good, believe it or not, what you do has no impact on the results or injuries.

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