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  1. I made a post exactly like yours 12 months ago. ‘I just can’t seem to get addicted to cigarettes, why am I like this?’ Fast forward to now. Went from 3 or 4 a day to 12, and quitting is driving me mad.

  2. 20? I’m 18 and look young enough to be your grandson.

  3. The crisps getting torn open completely for full buffet service to the table.

  4. Indeed - Simon showed me a technique whereby you splice the packet from the side, lay it flat and share the contents. Hippy style.

  5. Thank you both very much! Quite right - I recognised the distinct style but couldn’t recall the name :)

  6. Thank you and, I am not calling people who go to Oxford and Cambridge or do stem subjects snobs, it just I felt kinda embarrassed to post as many people on this subreddit go to these places

  7. My mum is Finnish, so when I was growing up she’d do Finnish dinner on Christmas Eve and then English dinner on Christmas Day. Serious commitment.

  8. My mum is Finnish, I’ve grown up in England my whole life. Exactly the same! Our own special dinner on Christmas Eve, then the Turkey and Roasties at grandma’s on Christmas Day.

  9. I’m always blown away when I still see people doing manbuns in 2022

  10. I remember doing a mock the morning after a Libertines gig. It was less that song was stuck in my head, but that my tinnitus was off the charts! Hope it went well in the end.

  11. The right is Big Daddy from Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. The left is three children stacked on top of each other in an XXL suit. They’re sneaking into the cinema.

  12. If that’s being cancelled, waitress, I’ll have me a slice of that cancellation pie please.

  13. I wish I was fortunate enough to go to one. I’ve been at mediocre state schools my whole life, and it’s not always been easy.

  14. I am 20+ years older than you but this is my experience of state school too.

  15. It’s sad how similar our experiences are. It’s not worth putting anybody through it if avoidable… yet alone your own child. I’m glad things turned out well for you!

  16. Wrong person right place syndrome. Baddiel got lucky riding the wave of 90’s rockstar comedians and managed to channel a moderate talent into a life long career.

  17. Newman had a Radio 4 show recently as well which was very funny. He deserves to be a household name.

  18. I had the same with York. As soon as I sent them proof of my exam certificate, they changed my conditional offer to unconditional.

  19. I asked for them a few weeks ago, and they said they’d be out in early November. I received them last Tuesday! They’d probably be ready for you now

  20. If I had to give a disclaimer for every book on my shelf whose author has moral flaws… I wouldn’t have time to read any of them! Nice collection though :)

  21. I’ll be turning 20 in the first year. My brother turned 24 in his first year, and he never had any issues; maturity shouldn’t be a problem either. Some 25 year-olds are immature as anything, some 18 year-olds are switched on and wise beyond their years. My best friend is 18 and shares a dorm with a 25 year-old who’s on his course. They get on very well. You’ll find your people regardless of how old you are!

  22. Late April, and I crammed. If I could turn back time, I’d start in late February or early March with very small amounts - that’s the key to avoiding burnout. Throughout March, do no more than 60-90 minutes per night, and then in April and May you can ramp it up to 2 hours.

  23. How did you revise back then? what strategies did you use? I may end up having to do the same thing 😬

  24. Making Quizlet study sets. That was literally it; no other method worked for me. Of course, I’d do the occasional practice essay question, which I’d write under timed conditions a maybe once a week for each subject. But poring over textbooks and scrawling notes down never worked for me

  25. I’d go up to an hour. It’s a great way of forcing yourself to keep fit! You can download a podcast, get some sunshine and wake yourself up a little before a shift.

  26. I’d go up to an hour. It’s a great way of forcing yourself to keep fit! You can download a podcast, get some sunshine and wake yourself up a little before a shift.

  27. Unis tend to make more offers than they have spaces because not everyone who applies accepts the offer. they'll either make offers as they get applications, some may hold all applications and give decisions after equal consideration or do it in waves but they have to view your application equally. Your offer changes aren't harmed by when you submit before it's the January deadline.

  28. I completely understand why this is the case, but, theoretically, what would happen if a university gave out too many places and everybody firmed them? It seems like quite a risky game estimating how many people will decline their offers.

  29. My looks. But mainly, my low-tolerance of others. I’m not misanthropic; I genuinely love people, but in small doses.

  30. Royal Holloway 100%. Beautiful campus, great teaching, and incredibly overlooked. I went to an open day last year and loved it. It’s not Russell Group because it has minimal research output, but for humanities especially it is easily top 15 or 20 or so. Not that rankings matter!

  31. I’ll be in the Square and Compass. Let me know when it has all blown over.

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