Fire trucks are overrun in Australian bushfire.

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  1. Literal hero right here, probably married and expecting children

  2. Wouldn't that dry out your mouth? Isn't a dry mouth awful?

  3. Well I never had a situation like that, so I can't really say how I would feel/react in the moment, and I guess it would depend on the context, like if someone else is in danger I guess I would be more willing to try and get the attackers attention away from someone else even if it meant more danger to me, but if it was just me I have no idea. I guess I would just keep the distance and try to stall and buy time until someone from the team could come aid, or something.

  4. Lives over product, a motto I could live by Either way it's hard to tell what would happen in a situation like that, I'm sure a lot of people have found sides of themselves they haven't ever known from things like that

  5. Indeed. I am curious to find out, to be honest, but I'd rather not go through it, even wanting to know more about myself.

  6. If you had wanted to, I would have no choice but to judge you silently

  7. I think humans in general, dislike others that are different from themselves. Whether it’s their religion, skin color, or sexual preference. Gay jokes, in my opinion, are lowest of low hanging fruit.

  8. That is just an excuse people tell each other to hide the fact that every person enjoys the sense of being better and having the superior position

  9. Exactly my point. People don’t want to feel like they are at the bottom of the hierarchy. That is why they resort to “Well at least I was born here.” Or “At least I’m not (insert religion).” Or as a last resort, “At least I’m not gay.”

  10. To be fair, being gay was seen as a disease for awhile. It's hard to suddenly switch from something like that to sudden "hey gay people are a normal thing now"

  11. Funny comments aside, who the hell just keeps a flare gun on hand while driving

  12. This isn't strange or funny, it's just ueghh

  13. Whenever an American shits on the UK ima just send them this

  14. We're ashamed a person of another country had to see this god awful mistake of a genetic experiment

  15. How do you explain that black eye to people

  16. Shit it would make me want to toss a $2 pair of headphones in her bag praying it gets her put in prison too.

  17. Toss in a severed rat's head with it to make them seem psychopathic

  18. You'd normally shift the motorcycle with the foot pedal, but this one has a stick shift similar to a car. I believe they called it a suicide shifter because you would have to take one hand of the handlebars to shift. Which is a big no-no because you'd want as much real estate as possible on the the steering controls.

  19. I'll have to use my third hand for this

  20. The only thing more important than the physical situation of your soldiers is the mental one

  21. And people ask why im not religious, ok maybe more than just this but this is a pretty big eye brow raise

  22. Holy shit this is worse than the time a Canadian was informed his license plate was falling off

  23. Makes me think of the iron man scene of him eating donuts in the big donut

  24. I feel like the government and company tracking issue is the least of our concern when the world is literally ending

  25. And I bet you she got away with some cash after a lawsuit even though she hit first

  26. Last time I saw an engine smoke like that it was from oil on the manifold .. after inspection my verdict was

  27. Pretty sure any car that has smoke coming out the engine is

  28. Nope. Someone’s going to screw it up again.

  29. And that's me, I'm going to screw it up (REAL!) (HE DOES?!?!)

  30. Finally, an instance of assholes doing dumbass things having consequences

  31. They should look at their behavior not how much virtual points they have

  32. That's hard to do for each individual user, having to go through their history for each person

  33. I love how people like him think “they hate it just as much as we do! They’re just sheeple!” Uh no sir I just like wearing them and also have compromised people at home.

  34. Usually the ones that don't wear masks have no idea what personal space or in general privacy is, another reason they got so pissed when we had to social distance and stuff. Honestly I would of worn a mask before COVID if it didn't make me look super emo or anything, I find them kind of comfy. Like a hoodie for your face

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