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  1. It's pretty cool that so far in this comment thread there's no agreement on how it's done. Up until now I've never seen a magic trick on reddit that didn't get an explanation.

  2. So this stat pretty much confirms it’s a play calling issue right?

  3. Could just mean Mac is too risk averse and only throws when it's a very high chance to be a catch. Or it could be the case that a lot of these passes are screens, which should be 100% completion chance anyways so that inflates the numbers.

  4. Other pro players already said stuff like this years ago. Narratives are strong, even if it's "only" social media narratives

  5. I feel like you guys aren't considering that the opinions of pros, who just got kicked from a team, might be rather biased. It's very possible Upset and Hyli are just rationalizing being kicked by blaming it on outside pundit/fan narratives as a way to cope.

  6. LS and anyone with social and leadership skills would make a godly duo

  7. It's amazing how brainwashed LS has so many people, such as yourself. He's a fraud.

  8. As an American I don’t understand how fútbol is boring to other Americans yet they can sit there for hours and hours watching baseball.

  9. But we're not watching baseball. The younger generations don't watch that sport like the prior generations did/do.

  10. How can someone enjoy a sport that every fucking 2 minutes has a break, like Basketball or Eggball?

  11. A big part of what makes American football fun to watch for me is that it's one of the more strategic sports games.

  12. my dental insurance recently covered like $1400 worth of veneers so I wouldn’t say it’s useless

  13. Mind explaining why that’s such a bad thing? I do it occasionally and don’t notice a difference in the food. No more than a day or two old though.

  14. People like you just don't want to acknowledge that there's such a thing as game design.

  15. People are already in maps less than 1 day real-time after launch of the mode in hc ssf ruthless. So yeah I don't think it's so difficult to be a concern in the way you're suggesting...

  16. I thought I was very clear, but once again, conflating "difficulty" and "intent and quality of design" is stupid. The people in maps on day 1 are people with tens of thousands of hours of experience, and all of them are playing from a very small pool of builds.

  17. From what I've seen other people say about ruthless, the mode seems to be exactly as advertised.

  18. That logic would only make sense if the game had deterministic progression. In that case, yeah, you could meaningfully slow it down.

  19. I disagree, because the first image is exactly how it's described in the book. His hut is right on the perimeter of the forest.

  20. This is such a good example of how Blizzard's WoW designers are just totally failing miserably at their jobs. These people don't understand how to make WoW fun.

  21. Classic's economy is fucked six ways from sunday because people returned to day 1 wow with 20 years of grindset, mentality and knowledge that literally did not exist back then. People knew exactly what to roll, how to level and then to sell convenience back to others.

  22. That's why you reset the economy every expansion and make better design to prevent certain classes having a huge advantage.

  23. Crazy how there is still so little info on the new TL Jungler, really wonder who it will be.

  24. If I was a TL fan, I'd be worried... Makes me think a deal fell apart last minute and TL is scrambling to find someone. But everyone good is probably already gone...

  25. It's not too bad. Lineup is Armut - Santorin - Jensen - Spawn - Ignar

  26. Imo any roster with Ignar is doomed. Guy just isn't good enough to win LCS titles.

  27. Ngl didn't expect Zven to continue as a support. But oh well, playing with Berserker should be enjoyable.

  28. Zven strikes me as the type of guy who will rapidly improve at support. His biggest issue last year was his champ pool, which is exactly the type of thing you fix by spamming solo queue and that's Zven's strength.

  29. If ry0ma is good enough for academy but not for LCS what should he do just not play pro?

  30. Utter laziness from na orgs. oce gets destroyed with na just poaching all of its top talent only to have most of them rot away in academy and occupy spots native talent should be occupying.

  31. There is clearly a flaw when Riot is allowing this after promising that franchising was a way for teams to develop more NA talent.

  32. After watching some mavs games this season i've come to conclusion that i'd rather have luka shoot 20 contested shots instead of passing it to open THJ or bullock

  33. The guy is 31 points from 13-19 shooting in this clip. That's a 68% FG%. That's insanely high.

  34. I think a big part is that a lot of newer players play this game like it’s cod tdm and don’t care about the objectives. It’s all about kills to a lot of new players. Not saying there dumb just haven’t learned the game yet.

  35. Another "problem" is that there doesn't seem to be a clear expectation of who should be pushing cart. I've been watching a lot of grandmaster streams recently and they even bicker about it there.

  36. You can’t just look at them as women being saved by men, the series spent too much time making them real people to reduce them to just gender stereotypes. To me, Cassian saving Bix helped heal the part that couldn’t save his sister. And even though she was being saved, Bix walked out on her own, and showed a strength of spirit that impressed me.

  37. Bix also saved Cassian earlier in the story, so it's not like the relationship is one-sided.

  38. Seems they forgot about Marva (starting the process of) saving the Galaxy.

  39. Yeah, if anything this show should be applauded for how it made both men and women characters into soldiers of equal ferocity and sternness.

  40. "I love him more than anything he could ever do wrong"

  41. One of the best written shows I've ever seen. Finally the Star Wars franchise got some good writers.

  42. It's a sign of masterful writing when they are able to weave together the story in a way that makes every character's individual story feel complete without feeling contrived.

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