1. pH does matter with BB, but more than likely your substrate is leaking nutrients

  2. Not confident of my ammonia cycle knowledge, but since ammonia turns into nitrite then nitrate does that mean I’m expecting nitrite and nitrate levels to rise again then level off when the substrate is no more leaking

  3. Depending how many plants you have, you might never see a rise in nitrates. Your plants could absorb all the ammonia before it's converted. You'll have a low level of nitrates, but it'll never grow.

  4. I mean this was his life dream to do..... So power to him.

  5. He's an artist famous for his doodle style of art. He has pieces in displayed in museums, has sold artwork for almost 900k... Also import context, he's known as Mr. Doodle

  6. There are native freshwater shrimp species here in North Carolina that are already experiencing massive reductions in population due to human efforts; introducing competition within their ecological niche further reduces the population, which can play into patterns leading to extinction. Commercially cultivated shrimp don't really face the same risks.

  7. Competition? You think a food source is an inhibiting factor in their population?

  8. What shrimp is that? I know Ohio Shrimp are dying out, and they can range up to Indiana. Or did, until we messed the river up with dams.

  9. Re-read what I said. I said age wasn’t the precise reason.

  10. Have you ever hunted? Lol cause I have, and know a lot of people that have. People don't hunt for "healthy" deer, especially in places with tags. People will let people buck or doe walk right past them, waiting and hoping for a 8+ point buck.

  11. Also, why would someone let a doe walk by them hoping for a buck? Buck and doe are separate tags for restricted vs unrestricted. This makes me think you are lying.

  12. Some people only want to take one a year. Only so much meat you can give away to friends and store yourself.

  13. Now the insults start coming out. You seem offended. You have some thin skin.

  14. You can 100% do water changes with a Walstad, if your not vacuuming the gravel, and just changing water there is no harm there. Infact she talks about Allelochemicals and other things in her book, which I believe is why water changes for discus are a required aspect.

  15. maybe set up a shrimp-trap, trap most of them, select the ones you like and sell the rest (maybe as food too)

  16. I rather just have something that eats them and keep the nutrients in the tank. It's a fine line from something that will keep the population in check, and devastate it

  17. He was literally copying them by flapping his tail out of the water to copy their arms. Kinda funny. But I can see being afraid it might have rabies.

  18. I can bet my life that it doesn't have rabies lol. Do you know the symptoms of rabies?

  19. A) Rabies causes a fear of swallowing not a fear of water.

  20. I mean I'd still bet my Life and play with that otter. Besides that isnt a river otter.

  21. Your fine at this point. Your plants are absorbing more ammonia that your fish can produce. I already knew you had zero ammonia and nitrites the moment I saw how many floating plants you got.

  22. I’ve had duck weed before and let me tell you, it’s not near as annoying to deal with as java moss.

  23. Don't trim javamoss pull the strands out. It stops the crazy random population of javamoss

  24. Then I don’t really understand how caridina shrimp can be expected to live in an aquarium setting. The breeder I’m looking at lists the parameters for their pintos at 6.0-6.8 ph

  25. Plants remove ammonia, including algae. Also some substrates can cause microenviroments that have a slightly higher PH. Other than that I'm not 100%. That has always been a question of mine.

  26. I always feel so lost in the dark starting a new tank lol…. It’s still early days. I think I just need to learn some patience and trust the process

  27. I mean why not use 2x4 instead of cinder blocks? Probably the same cost, weighs alot less, if designed right can hold alot more weight, and you can in the future buy some trim and stain and make it look really nice.

  28. How? Those are all decent size fish in there. Look at the Fluval FX6 return. Notice how small it looks in the tank?

  29. Interesting how this is getting downvotes to oblivion when all the comments agree with my long. MTG is a joke to our democracy.

  30. It's cause it doesn't really fit the sub.

  31. Yes, unless you plan on redoing your substrate, and putting in alot more plants.

  32. If you don't have plants, it will slowly start falling on its own from the nitrogen cycle. Don't try to change it unless it's necessary.

  33. I didn't realize you could simply have a "discussion" with Diana Walstad???

  34. I mean it's up to her to comment on your posts, but if you have a real question about natural planted tanks she will most likely respond that day.

  35. Ok that's all cool but crypt wendtii red is red genetically. Weak light or strong light, no effect on crypts colors.

  36. You failed to understand what I was saying.

  37. No, no, it's you that failed to understand twice. You didn't understand OP. You didn't understand why I dismissed your question and focused on OP at the same time.

  38. I made a comment based on how other posts were talking about light intensity. Never tried to answer OP question.

  39. First thing to do is Get the one agressive one and put it in a breeder up or another tank so it can stop harming the others or separate them all and there will be no more issues.

  40. That's how my sorority went, columnaris, they just gave it to each other so fast. They spread it to each other and the moment one starts acting abnormal, then the rest change up the dynamic. Lost the entire sorority within 2 days.

  41. Why do you come on here and ask for advice, then ignore the correct answer and say “I’m going to keep doing what I’ve been doing” 😭

  42. I mean they asked what is wrong with it, people said nutrient deficiencies, he said ok I'm going to start dosing my ferts again.....

  43. It has nothing to do with guns and everything to do with callous disregard for life.

  44. Isn't that my point by saying I'm not agreeing with what he did? All he had to do was pull the gun out after the first punch and it would have ended they would have ran. All I'm saying is what the law says.

  45. Explaining the law and agreeing with it are two different things. Put your armchair pitchfork down.

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