1. I replied to another comment about that movie yesterday, I did watch it and it was pretty good. So yeah, I agree, but thanks😉

  2. I'd switch Davina and Bex, also Hayley and Cami, although I'm not entirely sure about the second one. Nevertheless, I think Davina definitely comes before everyone else, since Marcel considered her his child and you know, one's kids always come first.

  3. I am currently rewatching the originals again and I realize that my favorite characters changed a bit. I was always an absolute Klaus fan and I still like him but not as much as previously. To be honest, of course it is good that he changes for the better in the last two seasons.. But I always liked the complexity of his character and his issues. He was the perfect antagonist in TVD and the best anti-hero in the first TO seasons and for me that made the shows so amazing.

  4. I love Klaus, but there are a lot of reasons for people to dislike/hate him and I have no problem with Klaus slander. He can definitely be a complete asshole.

  5. Vincent. I disliked him the first go round, but I re-watch the series often and he's one of my favorites. The way he stands up to the Mikelson's, and Marcel, tells them all about themselves with no lick of fear.

  6. About Klaus' redemption, I'd say in season 4 he was like at his best, but he kinda messed that "redemption" thing up again in season 5, by going here and there, killing innocent people out of boredom. That's something the old Klaus would've done, not the "redeemed" one. Later in the season, he killed an innocent witch, an innocent werewolf from Hayley's pack and he even attempted to kill Josh, as if those acts would've automatically show him where Hayley was.

  7. “Hold on” by Chord Overstreet? If so, then I agree, that song fits them pretty well. Also, “Another Love” is one of my all time favourites, I can think of a lot of ships listening to it.

  8. Haylijah always reminds me of “till forever falls apart” by Ashe and Finneas.

  9. I could totally see the Bonenzo one! I just imagined a scene in which Bonnie sings “Dark Paradise” and there's so much feeling.

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