1. Prices online before taxes etc seem to be between 650 and 700 so I don’t think op got hosed here. Mos models are expensive.

  2. What dealer? Hopefully if it showed in stock at time order was placed that means you got one. The mos models have seemingly been low stock lately.

  3. My FFL dealer in my town is a Glock dealer also called C.O.P.S. Inc, and at the time it said in stock and let me check out and charged my bank, I just went and talked to him in person he said he was able to get the last one for me then they went out of stock thank god!👌🏼

  4. Same problem, printed on the 13th and still nothing

  5. My physical copy came in the mail today you should see urs soon. I recommend downloading the usps app so you can see all incoming mail preview and know the day before

  6. Last thing I have noticed it’s around 3-4 months when people get their stuff another guy on Reddit said he got his in March of this year and applied on the first month and that girl Ik got her card 1-2 days ago so you put that into perspective I think sep maybe they’ll send out or October early

  7. Thinking maybe early September if I’m lucky my bdays is in sep too and Ik a female from my town who just got her foids card yesterday or day before

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