The making of Midnights🌌 [Taylor Swift Instagram Post]

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Taylor's private jet and carbon footprint

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  1. They could be giving remaining inventory to waitlisted fans because if they did a public sale they would inevitably have another horrible turnout and website failures ??

  2. That’s what I’m thinking too. The general sale would be even worse than the presale, so they’ve cancelled it and they’re doing another verified sale/giving the tickets to the verified accounts who couldn’t buy them.

  3. Gotta say, I’ve been to every tour since debut when she opened for Brad Paisley and the weird ego/entitlement/holier than thou attitude from fans on Twitter is APPALLING. She’s not going to look out into the crowd and see no one knowing the words, you weirdos. On top of that, she’s a performer. Her looks out into the crowd are theatric and played up because it drives the crowds crazy. That’s PART OF HER ART FORM. She’s not sitting there making mental notes that people “don’t seem like true fans.” If you’re in the arena, you’re either a fan or had been dragged along with a fan. Be serious. To this day she still does the fake shocked, look of surprise that so many people are cheering after her first song. She knows damn well she’s going to get that reaction. Same as how she says “hi, I’m Taylor!” It’s PERFORMANCE. The way online people think they have personal relationships with her because they’ve purchased x dollar amount in merch is weird as hell.

  4. Let me tell you that I was on twitter in 2012 and people were already deciding who were the “real” fans (those that had been fans since debut) and who were the fake ones (those that had become fans with Red). The feeling of “Taylor is my bestie because I was a fan since the beginning!” was already there ten years ago. I just hoped that once we’d all turn 18 and once some time had passed people would stop being childish, but apparently I was wrong. Like, why do you care if a new fan gets tickets and you don’t! Get angry at Ticketmaster because they screwed up and they run a monopoly, don’t get angry at a random fan who managed to get tickets just because they don’t know all the words to your favorite deep cut, Jesus…

  5. Everyone saying “it looks empty without a necklace” is really showing their heterosexuality /s (but not really)

  6. Not debut having only six items and they are all incredibly ugly lmao she really said “I love and adore all my albums (except for debut, I don’t care about her)” /s

  7. This is a massive effort, it’s gonna obliterate the reputation tour… as long as she’s not gonna end up too tired to properly tour Europe, Asia and possibly Latin America, it’s impressive

  8. She's definitely gonna have a break after August and do the international dates in 2024. Also if you look at how the dates are spread out she at most does 3 shows in a row and then has a week break so she'll be fine. She's planned it out well so that she won't over exert herself.

  9. Yeah, I agree with you, and I’m absolutely not implying that she’s not thought this through. My “doubts” mostly regard the four re-recordings that are left and the specific realization she had during the Lover era (and the pandemic) of how much mental bandwidth touring actually takes. I’m not gonna pretend I know her future plans, so maybe she’ll do “nothing” but tour all the way through summer 2024, and only then she’ll release the missing re-recordings. But it seems more likely she’ll release them while she’s touring, for the added promotion and because it makes sense logistics-wise. We “know” she’s already re-recorded everything except for reputation, but releasing and album and promoting it and dealing with the press and the rumors and the critics is still heavy, and she’ll probably have to do that in the midst of her biggest US tour yet, and for FOUR times (1989 and reputation in particular have the potential of being mentally-draining re-recordings, although for different reasons). Not trying to pity her, like, at all, but it feels like a lot for 18 months, and while before I was sure she was gonna properly tour the other continents, with all these new dates added I feel like it’s gonna be similar to Red rather than Speak Now (perhaps 5 shows in Europe, Latin America and Asia each, plus Australia/Canada/GB). Would love to be proved wrong, as always

  10. Ciao, io ho frequentato una summer school (di diritto) alla London School of Economics e mi sono trovata a dir poco benissimo. So che il Regno Unito non è più nell’UE, ma se il tuo problema è un eventuale visto o altre questioni burocratiche, sappi che per trascorrere tre settimane a Londra è sufficiente il tuo passaporto, quindi è come se fossi in UE (a patto che tu già possegga un passaporto).

  11. She’s referring to Joe. I know a lot of fans don’t like him but she’s clearly talking about him.

  12. What if Joe plays the piano on the piano remix of Sweet Nothing? Since Taylor said that it was very important for them that he got to play it on evermore (which he co-wrote), and he also co-wrote Sweet Nothing…

  13. Last night I dreamt that upon the album release most people didn’t like it. It was very divisive and this subreddit was full of posts along the lines of “I can’t believe she went from folklore to this” or “guys give it more time, you will like it in a few days” or “this is so disappointing, what was she thinking?”… and I was extremely happy (that’s right), because I thought “that’s amazing, now hopefully people will stop criticizing Lover any chance they get, because they’ll have a new target for their hate”. Yeah… that’s how much I love Lover, I was happy the new TS album was bad hahah

  14. The chaotic surprise must not take attention away from the first week numbers. It must be something that gets people talking about the album and buy the album and listen to the album. So it can be a prerecorded performance (but a big one where she sings all the songs), or a documentary where she talks about the process of making the album (which makes a lot of sense given her TikTok…), or even some kind of short film about one or multiple songs on the album.

  15. She’s a pop artist. She’s always had pop elements in her music, ever since her very first album. Plus her ability to come up with catchy hooks and unforgettable lyrics (and her very limited knowledge in music theory) make pop music her perfect spot. C’mon now, even folklore and evermore had very strong pop connotations: bar few exceptions the structure of the songs was the typical one, the sound was rather polished…

  16. Oh dear… I hope Taylor “buys” him ten other Grammys and somehow “pulls the strings” to get him an Oscar and I hope he also starts bragging about dating The Taylor Swift, while he’s at it. Because the vitriol he gets is really laughable (especially since every person he has ever worked with has praised him to the moon and back), and I’d love it if he managed to get these “fans” even more mad, it’s funny to witness

  17. There are so many film critics on here telling him he doesn't deserve recognition. I am not sure why? Do they think if Joe becomes a big movie star he will overshadow Taylor?

  18. Whether you like his performances or not is one thing, and it’s valid. I love most of his work but even I can admit that he was not that great in some of his roles/scenes.

  19. Il motivo per cui nel commento fissato nella parte in italiano si parla in generale di “insulti e offese” mentre nella parte in inglese rivolta agli stranieri si specifica “racist considerations” quale sarebbe, esattamente? Vorrei non fosse così, ma visto il tono generale del commento immagino sia perché ci sono un sacco di persone che credono davvero ancora che gli insulti agli italiani possano essere considerati “razzisti” lol. Popolo di gente che difende il proprio diritto a fare commenti razzisti, perché tanto “le mie intenzioni non lo sono!!!!!”, ma poi piange e si dispera e urla al razzismo alla prima generalizzazione sugli italiani fatta da uno straniero.

  20. This has been bugging me for months and if any native English speaker could help me I would appreciate it a lot. So, in ivy, the lyrics go “my pain fits in the palm of your freezing hand taking mine, but it’s been promised to another”. Reading it without context, it seems to me that the hand that’s promised to another isn’t the speaker’s (“mine”), but the other person’s. I mean, the subject of “taking” is the other person’s hand, and since in the second part of the phrase there isn’t anything to imply a change of subject, the subject of the second verb (“has been promised”) should be the same as the one of the first verb (they’re connected by “but”, which puts the two parts of the phrase on the same level, so unless a new subject is introduced, which it isn’t, the subject is the same as the previous verb’s).

  21. This is by far one of the most interesting things she’s ever revealed about her songwriting process. And we definitely need more Quill lyrics, ivy is gorgeously written and perfectly fits in the Romantic style.

  22. I’m cryyyyying. Jack is there!!! And she looks like she’s having so much fun. And there’s gonna be bops too! And she promoted Joe’s friend work, which must be mind-boggling for him. Honestly I can’t wait for the album to be released, I was a bit scared but Jack’s there and she looks so happy and proud, I’m 100% gonna love it.

  23. Does anyone know what the words on the fireplace mantle say in the Teardrops on My Guitar music video? I googled it and couldn’t find anything.

  24. I think it’s “littera scripta manet”, it’s Latin. I think it’s supposed to have the same meaning as the notorious phrase “verba volant, scripta manent”, which means “words fly away, writings remain”. She’s basically indicating that by writing the song down, her feelings/music/legacy will stand the test of time? Or maybe that by writing her feelings down, they become more “real”? I don’t know hahah. But the meaning is basically that what’s written down lives on.

  25. Will there be an option for international fans to preorder a (non target) version with the bonus tracks? How has this been handled in the past?

  26. In the past the deluxe Target versions (with the extra tracks) have always become available for international fans as (non-Target) deluxe versions, so I guess that’s how it will be this time too. I don’t know whether the deluxe version will be available for preorder too for international fans, or if it’ll become available post-release, but yeah, it should become available :)

  27. I pretty much only listen to the ten minute version (specifically the short film version, which is my favorite one). I was never a big fan of the OG one, it always fell a bit flat for me - at least compared to a lot of other songs on Red. In particular, I always felt like the climax in the OG bridge ended too soon, and kind of “cut” the emotion in half, while the extra minutes now (“they say all’s well…”) are amazing. I’m obviously in the minority, since the OG is so well regarded, but to me it always felt a bit “half baked”. Great, but not complete.

  28. will there be a red carpet tonight for Taylor at TIFF? will there be large crowds?

  29. According to Jaime (from Tumblr, who doesn’t like Reddit but is still amazing hahah) the venue of Taylor’s event doesn’t have a red carpet, so no red carpet. I bet we’ll get pics of her arriving (and possibly leaving) like we always do, though. About the crowds, where Taylor goes there is always a huge crowd, so I guess it will be this way today too.

  30. So, any announcement or chance of a single dropping are probably going to be delayed for a few days, probably. And that’s bad enough. But could they also cancel (or more likely delay) TIFF, since Canada is part of the Commonwealth? Because that would be really unfortunate. Anyway, in a couple of weeks everything should be back to normal.

  31. People be like “Lover is badly written!” and then go back to reading a Sarah J. Maas novel. The irony is out of this world.

  32. This may seem extreme but that’s the average length of Lover’s tracks, and they’re perfect the way they are. Say what you want about Lover but you cannot deny that no song feels “too short”. Even tracks such as ITHK and Cruel Summer manage to be complete and pop perfection while being shorter than three minutes

  33. Cruel Summer is less than three minutes long? What?

  34. Yes, it’s two seconds shorter than three minutes, so I kinda cheated on that one, but it’s still true! Hahah

  35. I swear Joe has the patience of a saint. I consider myself to be very non-confrontational and even I would’ve snapped at least once during these six years. First it was that he wasn’t famous enough for her, then it was that he wasn’t interesting enough, then came the complaints because he refuses to talk about her in interviews and doesn’t post pics of her, then there were people lamenting that she’s the one getting him movie roles (LOL), and then there was “Grammygate”… and everything is accompanied by the ever-present “he never smiles when he’s with her! He holds her hand in a strange way!”…

  36. She said she started writing Lover after finishing up with the rep tour (so November 2018) and, in a separate occasion, she said that she posted the palm tree picture on Insta the day she finished the album (answering a question about the “five holes in the fence” theory). She posted the pic in February of 2019, so that’s three months.

  37. Basically someone on a music forum which is known for its insiders said that Taylor is releasing a single on the 26th of this month (afaik there isn’t a screen of this, just a second-hand account on twitter). Said insider had also apparently been right about Taylor’s releases before

  38. And the fact that this scene happens at exactly the same time in both songs. 2:47 (and of course 2+4+7...)

  39. That’s single-handedly what makes folklore my favorite albums of Taylor’s. Whenever I think I might prefer evermore (because of ivy or champagne problems) I think “but in cardigan and betty she chose the exact same second to sing about the exact same event to draw a line between the two songs and really make them part of the same universe and story!” and I realize that folklore is, in fact, her best album. No song on folklore is as good as ivy, imo, but no moment on evermore reaches the same level of detail in the narration as the folklore trilogy

  40. For those of you who don’t wear any makeup (not even concealer, mascara or eyeliner, nothing at all), why is it?

  41. I’m very sympathetic towards her need to fly private. She could technically fly commercial, with 1000 different security measures. But I also understand that she’s probably too scared to do that, and it’s fine.

  42. I’m sorry to have my little gay moment on here… but Taylor looked so good (and cool and funny and sweet and happy) tonight, Joseph really is the luckiest guy around

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