1. This is almost impressive if it wasn't so cringey

  2. I have tiktok however I do not do stupid things 😔

  3. Nope depends who you follow ofc there is shit content everywhere but there is also good content if you say there isn’t well you’re lying lol.

  4. exactly, the content there is so entertaining its constant dopamine and anyone who spends there time there is an idiot its making your attention span short.

  5. This was over the course of a few years. Presented itself as different people. Probably smarter than me in most ways, I don’t know.

  6. A lil off topic, but why do I see so many pitbulls laying down that way? I seldom see other dog breeds do the same.

  7. probably because their so unnaturally muscular that they aren't flexible enough to pull their legs up..idk man

  8. Was going to say this. I don’t have much knowledge about goldfish, but the Axelottel sub has cautioned against using big gravel in aquariums so I’d assume it the same for fish.

  9. But wouldn't it be nice to ask about my beardies health? Not to mention I literally just housed him. Spent upwards of $300 to start and are highly interested in investing more into or course I'm gonna give him more. It's just sad to be attacked rather than simply asking questions. You may say his environment is sad. He literally never black beards and is always moving and happy and eating. And showing me affection. So tell me now am I a bad keeper if my beardie shows all happy signs?

  10. Right? What thing exactly did you do? Buy a living creature without reading a single article about its needs? Cool. Cool.

  11. The fan isn’t going to cool her down. Fans only cool people because the airflow causes the sweat on your skin to evaporate so it’s not doing anything for the lizard , not sure why you have it

  12. With this heat wave it's Safe to say it's probably a little too hot out.

  13. Have you tried spraying him? Also check the temp of the water before you put him in, he might be jumping out because the temp isn't quite right maybe?

  14. Maybe try using a warm damp washcloth to soak it with you hood em

  15. I couldn’t do that to him, I’m trying to get him a 45 tank for now (my parents won’t let me get any bigger until I move out). When I do move out he will get at least 75gal or more. We’ve had him for at least 8 years and I don’t plan on giving up on him now like my family did. :)

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