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  1. Smart Brain watched Ghost and thought, "Hey, a belt looking like an eye sounds like a good idea," and decided to create Ghost Driver Slim and use SIM card as the way to access the Rider form.

  2. Maybe Tsuburaya using similar technique like Toei, they have two types of helmet. One for action and one for close up

  3. Well, if you look closely, there are two gaps at the center of his helmet for the suit actor to see.

  4. I appreciate the fact you edited the opening a bit so that the song align well with the scenes.

  5. Never thought Bradamante would win, although not without a price to pay that is my personally unexpected defeat of Ranmaru, Lartoria and Voyager. To the other Master who grailed Ranmaru, I'm with you my friend.

  6. There's nothing much that we know about him as for right now other than his design kinda resembles Grease and Kikai, and he have a giant hand drill. That's it.

  7. Ngl, some Tokusatsu actors and some YouTubers in general had somewhat of Naruto freeze frame shenanigan going on with them somehow.

  8. It's okay bro. At least that Mohawk boy, his "landlord" and their adopted son is still loved and live well in our heart.

  9. So, seeing the PV, I would assume the final battle in the movie would be Decker Dynamic Type and Dynus/Dinas new form vs the fusion of the movie exclusive kaiju and the thing that ram Decker in the PV idk + make it bigger.

  10. Gay Ace & Straight, Simping & Mommy Issues Tarou sounds wrong lol

  11. Hey, savage, unfiltered Ace sounds nice. At least he won't lie to you knowing he's asking for death doing so.

  12. i was wondering when the next "complaining about being called power rangers" meme was gonna come

  13. God, a straight up Melusine vs Arcueid. This is not a prelim it's a literal semi final.

  14. Does DGP wishes got carried on to the next world? Since Ace becomes the star of the star of the star aka a working celebrity before/during the second DGP.

  15. I assume they do. Ace was still recognized by Michinaga this episode, despite it being a whole new world. It's probably a case of "a wish that contradicts a previous wish overwrites the old one" or something to that effect.

  16. That's a neat way to put it. You can stack your wishes if you're able to win each DGP like Ace if that's the case.

  17. I guess my joke didn't deliver. The fact that Grigio and Carmeara questioned Faust's gender when she's really an Ultrawoman makes Justice, the fake woman got scared of this situation so he's excusing himself out.

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