1. The toughest part is going to be refinishing it. I would love to polish the frame or get a nickel coating and keep the slide black.

  2. If you have a dremel. Get some “Flitz” and lightly polish on a medium to high rotation. It will really make it shine. You could also do high abrasion polishing scotch-brite pads to break some of the larger wear down. It would be fairly cheap to send the little parts off for plating or bluing if that’s something you’re not comfortable doing at home.

  3. Do you know if it has any kind of coating on the frame that I would need to chemical strip first or would it be just good to start with a scotch bright pad. I was planning on doing a complete disassembly and going from there. Unfortunately I don’t have much experience but I’m willing to take my time.

  4. I would take the grip panels off and give it a scuff on a place that no one would see. Best to test it yourself. I’d hate to tell you one thing and it be wrong. I would fully disassemble and get very very comfortable with it before really starting. I know a great place that will polish and blue for you if you’re not comfortable (but you got this)

  5. Man, my trigger bar spring came loose or out of whack while I was at the range last Saturday on my pcr. Only had about 1100 rounds through it and kept it clean after each range trip too. Trigger just stopped working and that scares me, I'm going to send it in to CZ to get warranty work since I haven't ever really messed with anything like that and want it back to factory specs. I haven't carried it, only used it at the range, but I'll never carry it after that happening so quickly.

  6. Stop cleaning your gun so much. A wipe down maybe but you don’t need to deep clean but every 1,000-2,000. Probably more frequent on the smaller frame guns but still. Just wipe it so it doesn’t leave residue on your hands when you pick it up. CZs like to be a lil dirty

  7. My buddy has 2 320's one runs like a top and the other one has lots of failure to eject issues.

  8. I have a PU insert that I finish out myself from an 80% and it is very reliable. I honestly think Sig just doesn’t care about QC anymore.

  9. It’s going to suck. But you can blow out a blockage. Be ready to get dusty. Also the blower motors are not very difficult to change in these cars

  10. I believe every item needs a cover page and every cover page needs prints. I may be wrong. Please don’t crucify me if I am. All of my stamps I’ve sent finger prints but the only ones I’ve sent multiples at a time were suppressors.

  11. You can send multiple cover sheets w/ one set of prints. There’s no need for five sets of prints for five cover letters.

  12. That makes sense to me but I never wanted to be a victim of bureaucracy. Plus my FFL has my prints of file and they just print cards. They’re free so I’ve always lived by the better safe than sorry. Maybe on my next SBR file I’ll try it out.

  13. Yes it is with a to expensive price tag just to be cheating. I mean it’s cool but I couldn’t see myself paying that much for one

  14. It’s not that bad when talking race guns. Most 2011s start around $2500-$3000 something that’s comparable would be closer to $5000 in my experience. The parrot does have a large price tag but the czechmate is worth it. Bells and whistles. Hand fitted.

  15. Yes you are completely correct good sir. An Sti is not cheap which is what most 2011s that are being ran are besides the ttis and such which are still Stis just been touched by Taran tactical. Though on a budget could make a decent very accurate tack driver for competition. Check my page out I got a picture of my 34 on there. Btw that 34 cost less then half of my 45 and it cost about a 1/3 of a parrot.

  16. Very very cool builds you have there. I’m stuck on my old school hammer guns. You just can’t get the same feel out of a striker. Having a custom Dan Wesson built currently and it’s sad knowing that it won’t have a trigger anywhere near my parrot or tac sport. Scrolling your page made me want to jig out my p10c

  17. I’m definitely interested but not going to bite quite yet. I’ll let it sit for a week or so.

  18. If he flew the A380, it wasn't for American Airlines, or any American operator. By the time the A380 was flown, American operators had already figured out that it was a lot more efficient using smaller regional jets for domestic flights, and smaller wide body jets for international. It had also become so expensive to maintain them that it just wasn't worth having them in the fleet. Half the domestic 747 fleet had been retired by like 2008. American operators didn't want to buy them.

  19. It may have been a different airbus model than the 380. He was flying the largest airbus that American Airlines was operating at the time. I know he has flown the a380.

  20. How long ago was this? Because American does fly A320s and A321s, which are the largest airbus model American has operated.

  21. He flew for US Air and then American after the merger. He retired two years ago at 65.

  22. Please do not trade a P07 for this. A straight down grade. In pistol and investment terms.

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