1. I love the red leather!!! 🥰🥰🥰 hopefully the Neverfull or speedy 20 comes like this!

  2. I actually watched those tanner videos and took offense as if he’s calling me, personally, stupid for getting my LV bags.

  3. I’m DI applicant as well, after this I received a conditional offer since we passed the interview. Then they’ll schedule you for fingerprints, medical, etc. congrats!!

  4. Five. But let me be clear, I am strongly opposed to granting this right to four year olds.

  5. This made me laugh! You sir/ma’am made my day! 🥰 if I only have an award thing. Someone please give this man an award 🙏

  6. I've always been on the fence about this because if you're old enough to go to war than you should be old enough to drink! (I'm from the US btw, just in case you didn't figure it out) 🤔🤷🏻‍♂️🤣

  7. Agree with you 100%! I know someone who can’t have a decent job and no GI bill or whatsoever because he got dishonorably discharged by our commander for getting caught underage at 20. He enlisted at 18 Edit; maybe if the legal age change somehow, maybe his discharge status would be changed to honorable

  8. I ended up getting a BETA INSULATED. I guess this weekend’s weather will be the ultimate test for the jacket lol

  9. Thanks for following up! Yea as soon as it could feel as if it’s -10s from Boston25 that’s when I thought of this jacket. I’ll get that one too. If that doesn’t work with this weekend weather then I might return for something else

  10. Wow my beta is was actually NOT enough as a stand-alone jacket for today, which hovered around the 30 degree range. I will be exchanging it for a Therme tomo lol

  11. Omg thank you for letting me know!! If that’s not enough for today, I’ll be frozen this Friday.

  12. I regret the day we went out to eat a so-so food, not even fulfilling, and then paid $45 for two-hour parking. This is in Boston area. Now I realize why it’s almost always better to just eat at home.

  13. I called the base. They have eligibility list that’s based on regulations and not just per base reference. We qualified on one of those eligibility. Please call the base by searching MWR near you.

  14. I’ve bought this ticket before, it’s an amazing deal! You can also add on the water park for an extra $30, totally worth it

  15. It is so amazing! We didn’t get the water park. I just saw this and I already bought the tickets ughhhhh

  16. Contact your FSO. When I had the SCI, we always get approval/signature form from our FSO. So that’s the best bet - even if you’re still in process of getting one.

  17. It's one half the size of the Micro Metis. Like, the bottom half. Except there is only one big pocket inside the bag (no dividers or little pockets), no top carry handle, and no outside slip pocket in the back. I looked up the price last week on the EU site and thought it was closer to 1000 US, but I could get wrong.

  18. I saw it in store couple weeks ago and it’s very small. I don’t think I’ll be able to use it so I passed

  19. Hi. I typically like small- medium sized crossbodies. The neverfull is beautiful especially in DE but I feel I won’t use it as much. I am not particularly fond of the speedy shape.

  20. Have you tried the alma bb? My friend ordered a different adjustable LV strap and it’s perfect for her!

  21. I have seen one in passing but haven’t tried it on. But it’s definitely on top of the list for this poll, and among the ones I like.

  22. Exactly! Making it versatile too! I’ve seen the alma bb and pochette Métis empreinte from groceries to weddings and formal business meetings. So I went with the pochette Métis but if money is not a problem I’ll get the alma bb too!

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