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  1. idk what map of germany youre looking at, i dont understand.

  2. If they make a live action Zelda, I hope they get the Rock for Ganondorf

  3. I read the title as if you wanted to reject the bakery, had me confused for a bit ^

  4. “This man keeps offering me a job and I have run out of excuses why to say no.”

  5. How much time do you spend thinking about baby penises in the shower?

  6. Im more worried about the person taking baby dick measurements for... "science"...

  7. You mean doctors? And medical researchers? You know they measure all sorts of stuff right?

  8. No, it’s a lovely book honestly, but there’s something about it that makes me not want to pick it up, so it took me a good three months to finish. Absolutely an easy read though, you should start it!

  9. Because contrary to hollywood films, straight punches shatters fingerbones in untrained fighters. Also, untrained people have always fought like this.

  10. Oh hell yes. I have never ever fought but I’m a very tall and pretty strong and explosive guy. Played around with a boxing bag at my little brother’s gym the other day and I could immediately feel that hand bones would not appreciate punching something harder. And I even paid attention to my hand position but it still felt off.

  11. Hey, they only said the boats departed on time… Anything could happen in the meantime.

  12. I see a lot of people claiming she's a tourist, but from the translations it is clear that she is a COLONIST.

  13. Russia also colonised literally the entirety of Northern Asia. And those peoples are now fighting Putin’s war in Ukraine.

  14. we lost istanbull and tunis and cyrenaica but won half of iberia and south ukraine and sweden,

  15. Who is we? Turks? And I think it’s more likely that in this scenario the Turks didn’t invade the Greek coastal lands on Anatoli and didn’t expel the Greek population. So they never had Istanbul in the first place here. At least that’s my guess about OP’s world.

  16. Or that annoying little bastard that was in my living room yesterday and somehow decided that the only place he could land on was me. And he fucking kept landing on me time and time again. Man, if was angry at him and had to keep myself from squishing him. But I didn’t.

  17. culicids are dinks... maybe the single dinkest animal there is

  18. Perhaps it would help if you told people in which city you live. Or in what country. Or on what continent even. Your best bet is probably something in your own country, or even a tailor in your own city.

  19. They look very good there actually. Just like a normal good-looking family.

  20. You're wrong, Crimea will go back to Ukraine. It was taken by force.

  21. I highly doubt Crimea will go back to Ukraine. I think there is going to be a stalemate where Russia keeps Crimea and the Donbass and the rest of Ukraine is filled to the brim with defensive technology so Russia can’t attempt anything again.

  22. Oh my god, he’s having a stroke! Quick! Get this man a baguette and some cheese!

  23. Eigenlijk moet Rutte daar helemaal niet over gaan en zouden de ambtenaren moeten zorgen dat die smsjes gewoon bewaard blijven.

  24. Absoluut. Hier moeten gewoon duidelijke wetten over zijn, zodat er geen onduidelijkheid kan ontstaan en je er ook niet mee weg komt.

  25. Ik denk dat we meer hebben aan een premier die de geest van die wetten erkent. Voor Rutte is openbaarheid optioneel. Er is een archiefwet, maar volgens Rutte waren deze SMS'jes, degene die hij niet heeft bewaard, niet inhoudelijk. Misschien heeft hij gelijk, maar bij mij is het vertrouwen al lang weg.

  26. I'm german. Yes, the accent sounds quite german, but her english is pretty good. She definitely lived in an american country for a longer time.

  27. Tbh considering how scared of them they are definitely cute enough that I'll admit they are cute. Still though, yikes.

  28. It does seem that way I just wish they blinked. The more I try to research the more I find simultaneously creepy things. They sleep with their eyes open, as will I now I've been googling jumping spiders.

  29. That’s because spider eyes are completely different to our eyes. Our eyes are eye balls inside eye sockets. Those balls can rotate in the socket to look around. And to protect our eyes and clean them, on the outside of the socket there is an eyelid, which is basically just a curtain and windshield wiper in one.

  30. Oh yeah definitely, I wouldn't trust Perro Sanxe (or anyone else in Congress for all that matters) with the weather forecast, let alone handling the Ukraine situation lmfao

  31. To be fair to them, congresspeople are usually not tasked with weather forecast.

  32. Let's be honest, we all hoped the end of history was real, at some point at least

  33. Is safe scared like when my mortgage is due but I don't have enough money in the bank?

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