1. That is quite possibly part of it. But they're also almost certainly a through-a-mirror-darkly distorted reflection of the Children's own abilities, taking the natural skinchanging abilities of the Children and First Men and weaponizing them/savagely mocking them.

  2. I like this idea of them being a distortion of the children's abilities as well, it further makes them their own being, rather than subservient to the children.

  3. Jon's death is much different than the others. For one, he's just being brought back once, for another, he's being brought back fresh and in relatively good condition because of the ice and magic of the Wall.

  4. The wall is explictly noted to be a super magic battery. Its also the reason Aemon lived so long.

  5. Scump/his teams have history of a notoriously weak mentality LOL

  6. His competitive mentality is what has kept him in the game for 11 years as a sub. No one else like him.

  7. That “killer” mentality is enough for 1 ring in 10 years

  8. If you remove the revelations of the show there is only the purported allusions indicated above, and I am not convinced by any of them. You can say there is a logical progression, but I can create an argument that has ridiculous premises and leads to a conclusion that no one would believe but is nevertheless valid.

  9. uh what? are you saying the kingsguard are the others?

  10. They are linked to the kingsguard via symbolism. This establishes a connection between the two, and could mean, I theorize, that George is establishing the Others as an institution of warriors like the kingsguard. Note that the Others we've seen are all male as well.

  11. Crimsix is someone that doesn't bite his tongue and I respect that but in the position he's in rn why won't he stfu? It's like self-sabotage he not gonna stop until absolutely no one fucks with him, I love crim but he needs to chill he can't afford to burn anymore bridges.

  12. Every nation and society has an original sin, that enabled it form but that also lingers and threatens to unravel it. Westeros is essentially cursed: it’s plagued by unpredictable apocalyptic winters which have, unlike Essos where progress still seems possible, doomed Westeros to a forever dark age and endless cycles of violence.

  13. scump only left on the optic dynasty🥲

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