1. Still waiting on the LOR uploaded on 21st. It’s so annoying. Seems like a sabotage

  2. Khloe girl..... why would the word 'big' be mis interpreted in the first place. True is a literal child. Ik damn well these adults probably meant it in the sense that she's getting a lot older and growing up. That's just me I guess. Khloe needs to teach True that words like 'big' or 'large' shouldn't be seen in a negative light, not every word is an insult and it's okay to look different. I would expect that from her considering her past.

  3. also afaik little children love being called big. but her correcting it might make true think it's something not good.

  4. Not exactly sure about ETL but For small town vibes- have you read Claire Kingsley and the Bailey brothers? There’s a rivalry happening in the background that is prominent in the love story of one of the books.

  5. Can a cat expert shed some light on pure breed cats? this seems like one bc of her short legs and I heard it’s unethical to breed them because they end up having a very difficult life bc of their health

  6. Pure breed cats aren't an issue as long as you're breeding them responsibly. The issue with this cat is its short legs. They're intentionally breeding a genetic issue into cats so they have these legs despite the damage it does to their backs. And all because they think it looks cute

  7. so her mom's explanation for exposing her to adults smoking and drinking is that she didn't get along with kids her age?

  8. julia is one of the few celebs who stood up for amber heard when everyone was taking JD's side. she is a queen whether u like her or not.

  9. Failed comedian? What about moving on from SNL to do movies is a failed comedy career? I hope to also be a failed comedian one day. You may not like him that doesn’t change reality.

  10. he has zero bars. he is all smoke and mirrors. his stand up comedy is boring. he has powerful connections to land him gigs. snl is scripted and even his script writers are boring.

  11. kanye never liked pete to begin with. not after pete dissed him on snl. i don't think he cares about orlando. and any good actor with a good-ish repo won't date a reality star.

  12. Op literally asked a question about what kanye would say. relax

  13. because she has stocks or she can support father of her kids wait no

  14. she will keep it because she is desperate from attention from travis and he likes thicc women. she also has lowest self esteem so i can see her ego attached to her butt size.

  15. she has moved on with her life. she has a healthy relationship. her man treats her like a princess. she does not have to worry about Ks or their fanbases. only K stans are obsessed with her while jordyn has moved on in life. khloe is getting klowned by tristan monthly, if jordyn cares about karma , she is witnessing a pack back without having to lift a finger.

  16. I don't know anything about this drama, but I want to say that I used to watch Meet the Barkers back in the day & I always thought you were so pretty! :)

  17. sorry but you lot of obnoxious, go back to kuwtk and praise kravis and their excessive PDA there.

  18. I’m nervous about what such a close Kardashian influence is going to do to Alabama. I could not believe that CHILD is 16 years old! She looks/dresses/poses like a 30 year old. How the fuck does Travis let this happen? She’s a minor. He can absolutely stop this and doesn’t. It’s fucking CREEPY.

  19. he proudly reposts her tiktoks it gives me ick. she was also seen with a boy older than 18 and many people thought he was her bf. he absolutely flaunts and exploits his own daughter, and now parades his new relationship in front of all their kids (which seems to me like 2 dogs on heat)

  20. hard agree. I cringed when she said celine same for zero coke

  21. cait has a v nice nose but Kendall n Kylie didn’t inherit that . who is the other guy? hes fineee

  22. she went ahead and got herself kim's jaw impant. kim and khloe mirroring eachother and being miserable and insecure together.

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