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  1. Petty theft with a prior, resisting arrest and possession of stolen property. And child murder.... πŸ˜† 🀣 πŸ˜‚ just kidding about the last one......

  2. Dude what would make you think it's ok to put a pic like that up. Have some respect for others.

  3. That's not a cop. He is airport security. Here are some clues:

  4. Not to mention the bar lights on the car are lacking a blue light.

  5. Yo momma so dirty, she got us kicked outta Red Lobster for bringin her own crabs....

  6. First rule is don’t wear bras. We want to see them tiddies

  7. Yup. Titties. I don't care who wins or loses. I just wanna know, whose titties came out.

  8. Buy bulk first off. I buy a half ounce at a time. I’m also a server and I do Amazon flex

  9. A half ounce is definitely not bulk....

  10. I bet if the connect wasn't blown, she woulda at least swung back.....

  11. I bet the mom is a tweeker. She's mad because she actually had to buy food for her kids.

  12. That's a bitch move. Parents need to teach their kids to fight and not shoot.

  13. The spinning backfist. Gotta watch out for that shit.

  14. I wonder how many times they got fucked up from practicing that.....

  15. Yeah but have yall ever seen her feet? Neither has she...

  16. Each and everyone of those guys deserves a metal. I like that they got off the elevator and without saying anything, handle business. Good job guys, the world needs more people like you.

  17. That's fuckin great. He tried to kick a bird and wound up seeing plenty of birdies.

  18. And that's why you should leave people the fuck alone

  19. That's awesome those guys actually did something about it.

  20. How are you gonna date a bitch that's way more gangster than you?

  21. She shoulda caught charge for putting that funky monkey on a dead man. How fuckin disrespectful.

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