1. Strangers by Nature by Adele, it's my favorite song from her And names: Theo, Olivia, Bernardes, Fernanda, Hugo, Ana Laura and Pedro

  2. This is interesting! What do the numbers depend on? The notes or chords, the colours the song creates for you, the musical progression, parts of the song, the lyrics or something else?

  3. The style, the voices, the... idk how to explain but like, the ambience? When is like a happy song i tend to the first numbers from 0 to 5, so maybe there is a pattern but I'm not sure. Cause i have synesthesia with the color of the numbers, so 3 is orange, 5 is red, etc, so this might effect. I was listening to some jazz and the number that came was 305 or 253

  4. Yes it sounds like a two-way thing perhaps with the colours of the numbers and by extension the numbers of the colours. I had a listen to the song! It doesn't seem very common for people to get numbers from the colours and it seems much more common the other way round. Could I include your example on my page, if that's OK?

  5. You seem to know a lot about this. Can I ask you a question? is there any way to "teach" your brain to have other types of synesthesia? because I always wanted to be the type to listen to music like colors, so if you have a way, let me know

  6. if the color purple is associated with the five year old birthday, this could definitely be synesthesia! a lot of synesthetes experience specific situations like this. source: I’m working on a research project interviewing synesthetes currently (for past four years)

  7. Yeah. But if we are talking about single letters and numbers, rarely. X is one of them, sometimes is black, sometimes is gray, sometimes is white and sometimes is a completely different color. But if we are talking about words in general, practically half of them has two or more colors.

  8. Poker face, bad romance, telephone, a little bit of alejandro, born this way, John Wayne, all of chromatica, i get a kick out of you and night and day

  9. Theo (i have synesthesia too and my name is Brown, purple and yellow) I like cats, videogames, i am very outgoing, im gay (idk if this matter to you), LOVE music and art in general, I can be pretty stubborn and boring when I want, like helping people, i'm emotional, like hot colors, love a party, my family amd friends. Thats it :) PS: can i steal your idea and do it on my profile too? I give you the credits

  10. Hi Theo! Your name is periwinkle and silver in colour, and your image is a forest of bright rainbow trees! And yeah, I don’t mind if you or others do this too, go ahead :)

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