1. Guys I meant that we change the game characters jj is posing as not to change the baldski I'd say that warzone isn't the current trending game so I thought it would be time to change it some new game not remove baldski

  2. He should change it to whatever the most popular game is rn like he had the fortnite one and it when more people were playing warzone

  3. So did you find any solution? Apparently I have the same problem with smash and pokemon sun

  4. Sadly not i tried downloading multiple different regions and i tried to change the region just doesn't work I'm just now trying to find a place that sells this game in my area 🤷‍♂️

  5. Use the luma region changer app (i forgot the exact name) to change regions of games. It works wonders.

  6. + dont care + cringe + ur short

  7. Banned + Deez nuts + grandma wants to get married with you + you fell off

  8. They shut down channels from time to time because too many people spam plus their codes are running out fast

  9. maybe try this server "they are on break rn" they aint invite for codes btw

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