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  1. I love my baby Buddha and have used a few pumps. It’s the only one i use now. I use my spectra parts with it, including the back flow protectors.

  2. Oh wow okay im looking forward to this now, hopefully this one is successful!

  3. I had a lansinoh smart pump. I thought it was working fine, though I wasn't pleased cause it was taking forever.

  4. Thank you for this! I will definitely try it out and see how it goes. Someone recommend using different cups so I can pump at work so ideally I'd prefer to go that route if it's successful!

  5. Have you considered a session with a lactation consultant? I was doing a bunch of things like you and feeling both overwhelmed and dejected. After some time with her and changing things up I’ve seen an increase in supply! And it’s only been 2.5 weeks!

  6. Oh wow, no I haven't seen one because my experience with the one at the hospital was not very worthwhile both times I've seen her. She showed my how to hand express since I was having difficulty with baby latching and the second time I saw her after my postpartum visit she just gave me paperwork with "recommended foods" and told me to get plenty of sleep and water, and recommended I size down for my flange (which I have and can't say it's done anything). Doctor prescribed reglan for me to take up to 3x a day but that hasn't shown any visible difference yet and until I figure out a way to express that's most efficient I don't think it even matters. I'm just so annoyed because I was able to do everything just fine with my first for nearly 2.5 years! This time around it's so difficult.

  7. The nipple stretch issue is so hard. I've tried pumpin pals and lacktek and various sizes of hard flange and nothing works for me. I'm still doing the hard flanges and still have the problem of hitting the hole at the end of the tunnel.

  8. Yes! So annoying. Mine don't quite hit the end of the tunnel but they just pull into/swell no matter the size of the flange. I can get a few drops out before they swell too much but the only thing saving what little I do have is just expressing by hand, and even that isn't realistically going to be a long term solution because of how much work I have to do just to get such a tiny bit with the rubbing and shaking and squeezing...like come on. There has to be a better way 😂 I'm going to give it a couple more weeks, try the lacteck flanges and if still no success I'll try pumpin Pals and if still no success by the end of December I think I'm going to just give up. I just feel like here I am at 8 weeks pp with barely any milk when I was doing so well that first week or so and I've been putting so much money and time into trying to increase my supply just for this and that and the other thing to cause it to keep going lower and lower...it's just ridiculous

  9. ♥️ thank you for this. We decided to keep it just the 2 of us this year at our house and it was nice and the best decision. Christmas will probably need to be done in that same manner. I've been trying to avoid social media since losing our son, and I definitely think I'm going to keep avoiding it as much as possible throughout the holidays. Way too many announcements and family photos and "baby's first" posts. Can't do it. I'm happy for them, just sad for myself, especially since we won't be trying again for a few years...if at all. Can't help but to feel slightly annoyed/jealous seeing anyone with a newborn... be it online or in public. Getting through what's supposed to be the happiest time of the year sure is hard, that's for sure!

  10. We are day 7 for two of us and day 5 for the other…. The lingering congestion is 🤢

  11. Glad to hear you all are recovering! I know, I'm still over here blowing and coughing gunk out...but the worst of it is over thank God!

  12. First of all, I am so so sorry you are going through this. It's gut wretching. It's incredibly unfair. Nothing I say will make anything better, but I do want you to know I am sending the BIGGEST/Longessssssttt virtual hug your way, and keeping you in my thoughts. And I wanted to mention that I HIGHLY agree with the previous poster, OP. If I have any regret from my own recent late term loss, it's not taking more time (and had I asked, they would have given me the extra hours...an extra day even....) To hold my baby boy. I wish I would have snapped tons of photos to fill up a photo book, but took maybe a total of five photos, including a couple of his hands, a couple of his feet, and only one of his face. I was hysterical and scared and really rushed the moments that I now have been longing to have back for weeks now. Hold your baby as long as you need to, you don't need to let go until you're ready. Take everything you need to be comfortable at L&D because in my experience I just went in and said screw it, leaving my hospital bag at home because I convinced myself that I didn't even deserve my stuff for a "not real" delivery. Well it was VERY REAL. VERY PAINFUL. And I deserved my damn bag and everything I had in it. Delivery day will STILL be all about you, so bring whatever comfy robe/clothes you want for after. Food. Shampoo/conditioner/facemask. Toothbrush. Music. Bring it all. My postpartum nurse was amazing and had all types of amazing things for me...but I still regret not having my own stuff...maybe then I could have calmed down and been more comfortable and focused on getting all of my time in with baby. There is a long journey of grief and anger and healing ahead...don't let any of that take away from the very little time you are going to have to hold your little one. So much love, OP♥️

  13. God I felt this. I didn’t bring a delivery bag either. I didn’t bring anything because I didn’t want it to be a real delivery either. I didn’t want to feel anything. Al the drugs, epidural maxed out. I wanted it to be as clinical and not meaningful as possible. Wouldn’t even let them say the word baby around me. Cause I was so raw with grief.

  14. Yes, I agree. I just wanted to go in and get it over with as the "nothing" that I viewed it as...then after it was all over and I was back home in my postpartum recovery period I regretted not making that entire day as comfortable and "about me and my baby" as I should have. Still went through a pregnancy. Still went through the prenatal visits. Still went through pain of labor and delivery. Still ended up with a baby in my arms. The only difference between me and any other mom on that floor was that he wasn't going home with me. Those 48 hours in the hospital was ALL I had, and I cut myself short. Been kicking myself ever since. I hope OP was able to take her time.

  15. Do you have an urgent care nearby? You could always go there and if they feel you are serious they will refer you to an ER. Some of our urgent cares are even both urgent care and ER so if they need to transition to ER level it’s just a matter of paperwork. That’s what I do when I’m unsure of whether to ER or not.

  16. 🤦‍♀️ Went into urgent care and just got scolded for not staying home because I'm highly contagious and the ER should have told me yesterday that it's going to take a week or so to feel better. So came back home and doubled up on previously prescribed med and will cross my fingers 🤞

  17. That’s awful, I’m sorry. Are you drinking a lot of electrolytes? I know that makes a big difference for me and my family. Also salty soups.

  18. I've been drinking body armour and that says it has electrolytes in it but I haven't done Pedialyte or anything yet because I'm afraid to go to the store lol I will try some soup!

  19. I can't see it for some reason clicking the link from here, I'm trying to compare your video to whatever I'm doing because I can get some drops out now and then but nothing significant and it only sprays if I feel engorged. I think I'm doing something wrong 😔

  20. Try here. First video is the initial process of starting, the second one is where it picks up for the session.

  21. thank you so much for this. I just switched from attempting the pump (couldn't get a drop) to hand expressing a few days ago. I'm still working at it and the milk is starting to drip out quicker than day 1 but I have yet to get a letdown/sprays of milk similar to you. I think I might have to work on getting my supply up However these videos and hand expressing are certainly saving me the useless pain of my pump!

  22. Can you give more info? What is your pumping schedule like? How long do you pump for? What pump do you use?

  23. Hello, I have been sticking to the 8x a day (get 3 20 minute breaks at work now to do it which feels pointless) the longest stretch I have is between my 1am pump and 6am one. I have a Medela in style pump for home but a single electric pump for work (and a manual pump in case I ever forget to charge it). At home I've been playing with my pumping time thinking I wasn't doing it long enough so I was doing 40 minutes each time but since I'm getting discouraged I've just been doing 20-30 and at work I only get 20 minutes anyways so with my single electric pump I'm only doing 10 minutes per breast when I'm there. At least at home I can pump longer if I want to but a few weeks ago when everything was normal I could get everything I needed in a 20 minute timeframe, so pumping for a long time (I.e for an hour) seems pointless because all I'll end up with is sore nipples and no milk. What's even more annoying is that first week all I needed was low suction and it'd spray out beautifully when the milk let down...now it doesn't matter what I set it at the milk won't do that, not sure how to explain it but it just bubbles at the nipples and eventually will turn into a drop that falls into my flange but never actually comes out. I know there's milk in there, I haven't dried up or anything...it's just a matter of getting it to come out of there

  24. Okay, here's some things I can think of to check/try. Otherwise, I'd contact an LC:

  25. Thanks! Fingers crossed, I'm not ready to give up but I'm getting annoyed with this. With my firstborn I never had this issue 🤦‍♀️

  26. I don't have much to say, just know I'm thinking about you momma, and sending virtual hugs. It's been tough over here too...the one day of almost feeling normal and the next crying all day and feeling like I can't breathe...it's just exhausting with the back and forth. My nipples are sore because I wanted to be able to donate my milk...that first week I was pumping bottles worth, now at 4.5 weeks pp I'm barely getting a drop and I tried everything. The only thing that would probably get the milk back to normal would be a baby to look at or hold. A baby that I now don't have. So I think I'll be giving it up now. Everything is just hard because it just replays in my mind too, like a movie at night or when I am alone. I just seek comfort in making an endless amount of keepsakes, and leaving the house to thrift little knickknacks that don't even mean anything until I give them a meaning. I don't feel completely empty all of the time, but certainly never feel whole. What are you doing to keep your mind busy?

  27. I think so too. She looked pretty embarrassed after she saw it when she came back. But I could have done without the "it's negative ☺️" comment as if I was a teenager or something holding my breath to hear that. Actually could have done without hearing a result either way because I simply would have read it on MyChart anyways, but I'm glad I looked myself because I have avoided testing at home.

  28. I'm so glad a social worker was there for you. How insensitive of the nurse, even if it was negative. And then how ridiculous that she wouldn't correct her chart. Some places monitor hCG via blood draws every couple of days. I can't believe that nurse was so flippant about a urine pregnancy test.

  29. Yeah, when she walked out the dye was still working it's way across the window so idk why she just assumed after about 30 seconds it was negative. The entire reason doctor even wanted to test was because we agreed to start me on an antidepressant but wanted to see if hormones still in my system were contributing to how hysterical I've been feeling. And doctor didn't come back in after nurse did the test and now it's not even documented properly for her to know. Not that it matters anymore I guess. I have another visit scheduled in 4 weeks at least. Should be a negative by then I imagine.

  30. See this is the shit that ends up on snapped! People really have no fuckin boundaries...a sneaky flirty husband I can see (bastard) but a sister?! My blood?! The person I grew up with and have probably known most of my life?! Mmm mmm mmm. A special place in hell. Like the others said, lawyer up (and try to keep hotel damages to a minimum, I'm sure you've been feelin the rage!)

  31. I'm 3 weeks in and I think I needed to see this along with hearing another woman the other night say for her it's been ten years and she still has times where she weeps, and to never let anyone tell you there's a timeline with grief. Pain isn't forgetful. Pain is faithless. Pain is unique and raw and real for anyone that experiences it, and we're allowed to give ourselves whatever we need.

  32. My deepest condolences and sympathies, you are so fresh on this journey please set your boundaries and be gentle with yourself. We tend to be rough on ourselves and try to get back to our routines, take the time you need that's so very important. Also be communicative, let people know how you feel, your feelings are valid and it is perfectly fine for you to react accordingly. Do not rush yourself and if I may offer this piece of advice that helped me - I would say find peers who've gone through this, because your friends and family will attempt to help you and even though they will try and they will mean their best, they will never understand. There is a deep comfort in someone truly understanding it will help your soul. Also the first year or two are basically a blurry haze of numbness, if you feel this way don't think you're weird or feel like you're doing something wrong, it just kind of feels that way. You'll find yourself not present or living in a parallel world where your baby is still here and wondering what they would be doing, it's normal but don't get lost in that.

  33. Wow, thank you so much for this advice. And here I am trying to force myself to snap out of it and get on with life but I can't because the grief soaks up 98% of my day and even if I distract myself and feel okay for a while, it all hits me in the middle of whatever I'm doing like a brick. I haven't slept well and haven't been doing basic things I need to do. Can't even hold an in person conversation with anyone yet without tearing up. It's hard. Feels like it was forever ago already but it's only been 23 days 😔If it were up to me I'd stay in bed until I couldn't stay in bed anymore but bills, work, laundry, dishes, cooking... sigh. Overwhelmed.

  34. Mine are teddy bears. For my daughter I bought a bear that has a zip up pocket in the back. It has her photos, along with a mini replica an amazing woman on Etsy made of her for me. I had sewn a little pink bow to the ear. I have a shoebox full of things I decided to keep but unlike the bear that I can just cuddle and squeeze and take out memorabilia if I want, the shoebox sits in my closet untouched. For my boy I lost three weeks ago I have also bought a blue teddy bear. No zipper or anything but it's perfect, and I can cry and cuddle it as much as I need. I probably won't have anything made this time. All of the photos and certificate of life and other pregnancy things are in a folder. The lightly blood stained hat and receiving blanket he had that day along with some little gifts the hospital gave me will probably go into the same box in my closet. Makes me upset. I never wanted to keep collecting teddy bears and sonogram photos. I just wanted my babies. But let me tell you, on the nights that the pain is unbearable, holding those two teddy bears in my arms are my lifeline. And that's okay.

  35. I don't think domestic violence and attacks should ever be put into quotations

  36. First of all: sending so much love and healing and hugs your way ♥️

  37. At my pharmacy a tech is to pharmacist as a CNA is to MD because I (very nastily) have been reminded by multiple patients that I "am not their nurse and not their doctor"

  38. 😂 your sister is a prude. It's just a squirt of harmless water. If this were me and my siblings we'd all be laughing at it actually working. Obviously no one is going to routinely be spraying a kid down to discipline them (and I'm lmao because in comparison to yelling, spanking, etc... ) a simple squirt and a "no." seems both silly and effective 😂 Jesus Christ it's not like you took a fireman's hose and sprayed it at him. And he's not a baby. He's 6. Time for kid to start learning to behave himself and that no means no. 😂

  39. Promises by Jhene Aiko and how long will I love you by Ellie Goulding

  40. I have spectra 21’s and don’t mind shipping to you.

  41. I appreciate you! Looks like someone else already will be sending one my way but I really do appreciate it! My boobs are screaming for proper relief lol

  42. I completely understand! It’s been such a pain trying to figure out what size works for me. Please let me know if you end up needing them!

  43. I seek comfort in hot baths/showers, food, and tv lol or hoping into bed and spending my night on Instagram which is also unhealthy. At one point I was getting up everyday to go for an hour walk BEFORE my shift and I shit you not it made my days so much easier/calmer and I had the energy to tolerate it there but since the weather is cold now I'm not in the mood at all for that.

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