1. Have you ever given birth? I ran errands the week of my c section just to get out of the house. Most women I know want to leave the house after days in the hospital or recovering. Not to mention walking around a store is easier on you than walking out in the heat.

  2. Probably. I think she once said she’d never have a baby when she was over 25 because that’s too old 🤣

  3. I have seen this pump at Walmart or target. It’s notorious for being affordable and readily available.

  4. Regretting letting what happen? She’s said he’s more anti Hospital/doctors than her.

  5. she changed her views on that and made a video about it. only after publicly shaming moms over 25 ever since she started tiktok though, in typical alice fashion 😇

  6. Yeah she’s also talking about how women over 30 are just as attractive now. I knew she’d change these views as she aged herself.

  7. Not to mention the plastic bottles!!! I Use formula because I don’t produce and it hurt too much but I only use steel or glass bottles 😳

  8. Fern may not like the new baby yet. I have a 2.5yr old who is autistic and a 9 week old baby. My toddler still doesn’t interact with the baby much and was legit scared of the baby for the first month. You usually don’t get those cute sibling photo ops early postpartum unless the older sibling is old enough to really comprehend everything.

  9. “Do you look like you’re malnourished?” I’m a stay at home mom; my baby and toddler act like I don’t feed them.

  10. just to check, did you actually like straight espresso before making it on your own? Some people get into the hobby only to find out they hate the way espresso tastes.

  11. This was me! Decided to switch to cold brew until I have time to teach myself to pull good enough shots for enjoying on their own.

  12. I love lattes so I got a machine to make my own at home. The first time I tasted a straight espresso, I thought it was horrible and kept trying to fix what I was doing wrong. Then a friend who actually likes straight espresso told me it tasted great. Turns out I just hate straight espresso. But when I add milk for a latte, I love it.

  13. Yeah that’s what made it hard, I couldn’t tell to dial it in at all so one day I may just get a fully automatic. I’m local to onyx and didn’t even like it straight there. But I love pour over, French press and cold brew. Cold brew is the only thing that works with a toddler and baby at home though. Can’t wait to have time.

  14. Anytime but you may find them eating less or spitting up more than with warm. That’s what both my kids did.

  15. It should be minimized if you know there’s something making digestion harder and it seems both my kids ate and digested warm milk better. Maybe because it’s more similar to breastmilk which isn’t hot or cold but body temp aka warm. But that’s just my experience. I also got them to eat more warm than cold by a lot.

  16. For us it was around 6 weeks once we got him on a formula without palm oil and he adjusted to it.

  17. His poop texture was ok so he wasn’t technically medically constipated but he cried, screamed and strained with any gas or poop and was only pooping every 3 days. He was clearly in pain. We switched from generic infant (yellow) to generic advantage premium (silver) which was what my first was on. The adjustment period was 2-3 weeks but now he poops regularly with no trouble or more than minor normal fussing.

  18. Maybe if it was only an hour but after that long definitely toss.

  19. The Walmart and target advantage PREMIUM with the silver lid is the same. So is the sams club advantage. This is my second baby using it. Recently Walmart had 4 packs for shipping so check there and target daily.

  20. I did this diet for a month and loved it but it’s so expensive. 😳

  21. Jordan Peterson did this for awhile….it went pretty badly for him. 😬

  22. My son is almost 2.5, autistic and I couldn’t explain having a sibling to him at all. His newborn brother is now 7 weeks old and he’s just now less afraid of him (at first he wouldn’t get within 3ft of the baby, he was so scared) but he’s still not ok with the baby touching him so idk How fern will do… I think Alice has created unrealistic expectations.

  23. No OP, tell your friend to keep it and cherish it. It’s just a ‘thing’ it’s not Holy! Forget what these people are saying. Absolute idolatry! -which IS a sin!

  24. Are you lost? I don’t think you know much about Catholicism if you’re anti relic…

  25. Mine on likes it when I’m walking/standing and fusses before that until he happily falls asleep. Maybe give him a few minutes to settle in and walk around.

  26. Black orchid parfum (gold bottle) by Tom Ford. It’s so amazingly intense.

  27. My parents insisted I still get a 4 year degree as something to fall back on because you never know. Especially since you aren’t dating you may have a few years of working and running your own independent household for a bit. If you want a degree about being a wife/mom do something in home economics (Also called human environmental sciences) like childhood development, culinary, event planning, apparel merchandising (my degree). Those will be marketable skills you will use as a SAHM.

  28. I think it still depends on your area. I saw a chart a few days ago with percentages by state of what is in stock, and in some areas it's still pretty low. In my area, you are starting to be able to find the plain Enfamil pretty reliably, and I've been seeing store brands around more often, as well as some of the foreign imports. Specialty formulas are still nowhere in sight. So at least here it seems to be improving, but it's soo slow and patchy.

  29. Any idea where to find that Chart? It sounds interesting.

  30. Feed on demand like others have said. My 6 week old may only want 2oz one feeding and 8oz the next. As long as they aren’t still acting hungry or spitting up excessively then it’s fine.

  31. Adjusting to a new baby and special needs toddler. Plus the uncertainty of the formula shortage.

  32. I actually really like it being off center but in the long run it may be better centered. I agree at least this size and the meaning is very sweet!

  33. I just bought a membership for Kirkland formula after members Mark advantage and Walmart advantage premium stocking have been an issue. Did it work ok interchangeably?

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