1. But in this case, Galaxy eyes would love this

  2. No not really since it prevents you from OTKing as it prevents your opponent from taking damage

  3. But what about Dahlin for Seider? Or Power for Fox?

  4. It's not a combo focused TCG though. That's a narrative you made up in your own head.

  5. You’re literally just wrong lmao. Yugioh’s entire identity is built around insane fucking combos

  6. God I fucking love Iwo Jima that map is so much fun when it gets pushed to the final sector

  7. Thunder Dragons get a better boss monster

  8. Not old but an orcust extender would be could

  9. Wait vanities emptiness just now got banned? Bro the OCG is fucking crazy

  10. emptiness is cheeks. Was rarely used in ocg. Almost never seen on Master duel

  11. It’s not about how good it is a card that locks you out of special summoning just shouldn’t exist.

  12. I don’t play it and I have nothing against tri-brigade but the things they go along with like zoodiac and bird up make me so unbelievably angry. So while I don’t hate them pure I do hate every varient that isn’t branded. In all honesty this may just be because I hate the winged beast and beast warrior types cause they’re always these obnoxious decks especially with Tenki at three

  13. I loved Miller he was a really good goaltender. With that being said if you retire all of the numbers of your really good players you won't have any numbers left. Hasek was great Miller was really good there's a big difference. Like I said I loved Miller I just don't think his jersey should he retired.

  14. He’s the winningist goalie in franchise history you’re actually fucking stupid

  15. Master may we commence with OUR turn now?

  16. This mother fuckers called Dahlin the leafs bum Sandin. I doubt they know Jack shit

  17. I think they're fun as long as they're not like gumblar or something.

  18. Search up on YouTube. It’s pretty damn long, but it’s an ok story

  19. It forces the controller out of sp. Summoning except links. If they cant get rid of it, they're locked out of their sp . Summons from anywhere I believe

  20. Typically you also extra link them so that they can’t do anything

  21. I’m just saying you got a spot you don’t know what to do with play upstart

  22. Rasmus Dahlin is probably the most overrated player in the NHL :—D

  23. This is for an old list. Doesn’t even include Deus machinX. The problem with ddd is if you negate gil they lose

  24. The only issue with digital is how you can tell what handtraps your opponent has based on responses.

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