An attempt to embarrass a climate change activist backfires

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  1. His colors are crystal clear

  2. Don't worry about the lady not moving on the couch, just taking a nap.

  3. I login outside my poh and tab to get in

  4. I did not like the ending to the Dark Tower series. Oh well.

  5. I went to a Halloween college party and didn't bring a costume. Drank a fifth of vodka mixed with riptide rush Gatorade while everyone was getting ready and stumbled outside to get air. A girl in a sexy witch outfit asked why I didn't have a costume, and said she had one for me. She brought me into her kitchen and gave me 2 shots of something mixed with maybe kool-aid powder, then hand led me downstairs to her room and said maybe you can have mine. She stripped down and got closer.. so I panicked and said thanks, got into the sexy with costume and left. Then I ran into my friends apartment, puked and fell asleep hugging the toilet.

  6. Isn't there a reverse gif bot somewhere?

  7. It does, combined with a free trip to lumby

  8. Could this be used for better pumping? I have an Icarus as my first board and am trying to learn the ins and outs.. and seeing these brackets makes me think they would definitely help when pumping. The only thing I see that I'd change for that purpose is the back foots bracket so that the "front" is angled towards the center of the board and the back angled out.

  9. With the plastic footholds it really helps when pumping, the brackets are adjustable for angle and I change them when I want to pump like you said one angled out and one more in the center. It takes some learning to get your foot back in the bindings when pushing. When you learn how to pump most of the time you don’t need to push hardly.

  10. That's awesome. Nice setup

  11. The only reason Jagex got rid of the duel arena was because of the gambling commission was getting involved. When they rid the game of its in-game gambling they're off the hook essentially. When it's a playerbase that's running this they don't carry any liability. Especially because the duel arena was predatory to children.

  12. In sincerity, is there something in place to stop the gambling commission from recognizing these playerbase dm type of streams for a continuation of the problem from duel arena, and then forcing Jagex to tweak something with PVP?

  13. No, if you get well fitting clothes then it's the fat that makes you look fat.

  14. Also baggy clothes vs smedium clothes have an impact. Alot of the time people are in self denial about the size clothing they want-vs-need to match their present weight.

  15. Because the fatties get mad when they’re reminded that they’re fat.

  16. They should just get clothes that fit then ffs

  17. This is where a lot of people have it wrong. Sure, you could get physical, but that would just be a one time thing. If you’re lucky, the physical pain you deal onto the other person is greater than the physical pain you receive yourself, while also being able to avoid any long term legal or financial consequences. However, that physical pain will go away, and wounds will heal. The best way to hurt these people does involve courts. Your goal should be to financially and socially destroy this kid and his entire family. Deny them of the slightest bit of financial comfort by demanding monetary damages that they will struggle to pay. The money itself might not be much to change your life, but you want it to be enough to change his family’s life. Prevent them from having the joys of things like vacations, new clothes, tasty foods, decent healthcare, private education and other creature comforts. Then take it a step further by constantly reminding your local community of this child and his family. Make it impossible for the child’s parents to get hired by reputable employers by threatening boycotts. Eventually, the family will become so depressed by their struggles to survive, that they will ultimately consider physically harming themselves. This physical pain would be so much worse that what you could have dealt yourself had you not taken this to court.

  18. You could always wait 20 years after all of that and then cut off his leg just on prinicple

  19. Always through the bank

  20. This was horrible. He was trying to bring it home for his mother. She was dealing with terminal cancer, and had also just found out her emotional support parrot that escaped through a window got killed by a cat. She wanted that specific take out because the parrot used to try to distract her while she ate and they kinda play split it.

  21. On the priff course every now and then you'll see a portal next to your next obstacle that skips it for you, and also gives you a chance to get a crystal shard.

  22. Neat how he slides his tarsi through his chelicerae, and deftly maneuvers his pedipalps to shake off the collected debris.

  23. Someone begged me to stop cannoning down there on a 10hp account. I just wanted to go in there and lay waste to some old nemesis npcs

  24. Rubber baby buggy bumpers

  25. Man this takes me back to elementary school like square pizza Friday

  26. That was the best. I used to fold them in half like a greasy pizza taco

  27. thats not entirely true, cause when God said "let there be light" the electricians had already done all the wiring needed

  28. Yet but before he could say anything he somehow still had to wait for the electricians to get their ladder and cart out of his way.

  29. The only reason it took 7 days instead of 2, was because the drywallers kept fucking up everyone else's work.

  30. Starlander. A supe that can literally land on stars.. or a supe that can catches or "lands" stars like someone landing a fish.

  31. Scorpia out there like.. "No, uhh.. alright.. no wait! Nah I'm good nvm"

  32. I consider her a wildy boss as well, and she is not mentioned in the wildy boss development blog.

  33. Fast food motto is if you can get a regular customer to come more than once a week you just doubled your business.

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