Mario Cristobal's first year as bad as any Miami season in last 45 years

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  1. I hope he learned something important the last 2 weeks of the season and can translate it at Nebraska. Otherwise, next year's Iowa/Nebraska game is going to be a battle to see who has the worst P5 OC.

  2. Let’s not act like Travis wasn’t complete dog shit before this year

  3. If USF lands either Deion Sanders or Jamey Chadwell it feels like they hit a homerun.

  4. If Cincinnati wants to take a shot at a relatively inexperienced coach who is an ace recruiter, Hartline seems to be a much better fit than Deion Sanders.

  5. Interior lineman is one of the positions we're looking to fill via portal as well.

  6. ACC defensive player of the year next year? He seemed to really take pride in learning from the veterans above him

  7. Obligatory complaining about not having Baba. Seriously what’s up with the NCAA. Like boosters can raise money and back door recruits millions of dollars but if you pay for flights specifically to team related activity you get suspended half the season

  8. That must be why FSU jumped us in recruiting. Oh wait…

  9. You've had a higher recruiting ranking than us the past 5 years yet our "inferior" talent had no problem curb stomping you this past year.

  10. Give Fitz credit.. he raised NW's profile & expectations to the point he landed himself on the hot seat after 16 years.

  11. Fitz's performance the past two years would have gotten any coach on the hot seat before he raised expectations.

  12. Chubba Purdy transferred to Nebraska, who was awful, and still couldnt start there. Now they have a new coach and he will have to learn a 3rd system in 3 years. That cant be good for his development

  13. Jammie might be an all-timer for me. Dude was clearly the leader of the defense and was involved in what seems like 50% of our tackles. Preseason let’s be real he was the only DB we were confident would be big for us and he didn’t disappoint. Led the team in Tackles AGAIN and no one can say it’s because every team was bursting through the secondary all game. Get your money Jammie you’re the man

  14. Having our game done and over, and then all of Saturday to chill and enjoy the chaos was pretty nice

  15. We've got the big spotlight too. Not having to compete with stuff like the Iron Bowl or The Big Game is nice.

  16. AMAZING many jbrekkie listeners on apple music are there???

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