1. It's for loading sxs or four wheeler to camp at mud parks have seen a bunch of them. This actually one of the nicer ones I've seen

  2. Look up care credit that's how I paid for my dogs surgery. If you can pay it back in 18 months it's interest free

  3. That's what we used for his last surgery. There's barely any credit left and we're still paying it off. He seems to be feeling a lot better. We are working closely with the vet and hoping that this is just a flair up and will go down. Time will tell.

  4. My boy had almost full loss of feeling and lost the ability to walk entirely in his hind legs and had surgery and now runs around like he didn’t have open spine surgery. We went to a really reputable place and had pet insurance so money wasn’t an object. I don’t know if you’ve tried a specialist for neurology consults but my regular vet sent my boy home with meds and crate rest and if I had listened he would probably be permanently paralyzed now, if not worse.

  5. You just about described exactly what happened to my peanut. He lost all rear function in a matter of minutes. Our original vet pretty much tried to talk me into putting him to sleep when I brought him in. Luckily I did not listen and got a second opinion cause he is almost back to 100%

  6. Shake out your sheets before you get in bed. Shake out you clothes when you get dressed and always check your shoes before you put them on.

  7. Judging by the number of cops standing around doing nothing in full gear, was there also an active shooter?

  8. Good thing DeSantis ask for that sweet federal cash.

  9. Federal cash that Floridians paid in in taxes. Get your political bullshit outta here. Every state that goes thru a natural disaster does the same

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