Supreme Court rules on EPA's authority to regulate power plants' greenhouse gas emissions

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  1. They can do that but then it’s guaranteed if GOP get power they’ll immediately rollback anything enacted that direction.

  2. To be fair, Republicans could get a lot of their policy goals through tax cuts, debt ceiling and budget brinkmanship and conservative judges so far. I don't doubt they'd nuke the filibuster if the time comes, but why rush when they're getting 80% of what matters to their funders?

  3. Circular logic works because...nothing works like circular logic.

  4. Had the baby been armed it might've had a chance

  5. We need hardened nurseries, and resource officers in every breast pumping room...

  6. I agree and don't care if downvoted but RGB's hubris caused this mess. She knew she was dying and knew what McConnel would do after she died but she wouldn't even consider giving up the bench.

  7. Graveyards are full of indispensable people. No one is too important, capable or intelligent that someone else can't take up the work for them. See also: Senator Feinstein

  8. Hello human number 3,113,868,965. It is I, human number 5,548,632,008.

  9. He’s a Cisformer. He’s a truck who just becomes more truck

  10. He sexually identifies as an apache attack pick up truck

  11. Leela turned into Petunia. Die young and leave a good looking corpse, I always say.

  12. Maybe the cops heard his previous message of "stand back and stand by" and that's what caused the 40 minute delay outside. Poor bastards were confused.

  13. Nah stand back and stand by was for the Proud Boys.

  14. Remember when Bender gave his first-born to the robot devil?

  15. Remember when Bender erased his second born's memory of him so he could install bending firmware so he could go follow his dreams?

  16. New Kids in the Hall? You've given me a gift today too my friend!

  17. Level Scaling will up the stats of the encounters if you're out levelling the area, but as you see it's a choice.

  18. So if I pick "standard" the game is a bit easier because it doesn't scale?

  19. Futurama kicked it up a notch when they had William Shatner voicing himself doing a spoken word version of The Real Slim Shady

  20. It's still great even for 1440p gaming.

  21. I lucked into a slightly better graphics card, but my i7 7700 has been chugging along pretty well for 1440p as long as I'm willing to play with settings sometimes

  22. It's a little-known fact that many Republicans were conceived anally.

  23. Her office has like a suggestion box, instead it's called "Brave Things to Post on Twitter" box. Every day her staffers put suggestions in anonymously and then they're drawn and read. Best one of the day gets posted, but we don't know who wrote it!

  24. It's one of the rarest events in the game. Funny enough I found mine in my first playthrough after seeing a video (ASpec maybe?) on the rarest events

  25. I think the fact that it involves a lot of plot setup probably plays into why I like it so much, but only indirectly. Like, it’s not so much anticipatory enjoyment at what’s to come, but that the pace slowed down a little and we got a deeper look at some underdeveloped characters. It almost has a literary “slice of life” tone, in contrast to the more straightforward epic thriller tone of the first three books.

  26. I think I like set up more than pay off at this point. I feel like I never enjoy the explanations as much as the questions

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