I figured you people would know. Is there a makeup that would help me cover my scar? I'm rather self conscious of it and I'm tired of it being the first thing people notice.

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  1. Having a hard date to “enforce” can be a pain, especially if offseason participation varies. Even if you just remove IR spots, as long as the owner doesn’t add/drop, they can still carry “extra” players in the offseason.

  2. The counterpoint to the Tua example (back on the field in 21 days) is that Michael Thomas had this procedure at the beginning of last season and didn't really get back until this year (and is still arguably feeling the effects).

  3. MT had a different injury. Medial? ankle. Very uncommon. Got rolled up on and rolled his ankle to the inside. Opted not to do surgery, then finally decided right before training camp to get surgery.

  4. I never thought of it that way. Mostly it's just when I post a face photo to reddit like on my favorite sub

  5. Dude. As someone with a few gnarly face scars, I think yours is kinda bad ass. My whole nose looks like hamburger, but it’s not a big deal to me. And if yours makes you self conscious, I can totally get that. But you are missing out on a real “ice breaker”. Your scar makes you different. Unique. One of a kind. And if you told me you got that in sword fight with Haitan pitates, or survived a face to face encounter with an escaped lion, or a bear committing B&E, well I might not 100% believe you, but it would make you WAY more interesting and memorable than some dude without the scar. You do what’s best for you, but embracing it as a part of you and having fun with it is not a bad thing either.

  6. In one of my leagues we have an international member, and I think he Paypals the commish who then double pays on LeagueSafe.

  7. This. Just beware. There is usually an international transaction fee on top of any league safe/teamstake transaction fees. Not huge, but they add up over multiple seasons both ways.

  8. Make sure he understands you don’t redraft every year.

  9. This post feels demeaning and alienating to progressive voters. The maga people are the christofascists and those people are always going to be irredeemable and unforgivable in my eyes, there is no olive branch for that. Also, they did not present us with this victory, they did not join us, they tried all of their dirty tricks to take rights away from us. We got out and voted our asses off. Don't try to take this win away from us and make it like we didn't do the work and they did it for us.

  10. I just want to point out that you feel “demeaned and alienated” and then immediately turn right around and demean and alienate the other side.

  11. one side wants rights for women and the other doesnt. Stop making these ridiculous false ass equivalencies

  12. Sigh. Again. You cant just lump everyone into box A or box B. Real people are more complicated than your political caricatures.

  13. Kansas has closed primaries, so unaffiliated voters can't vote for candidates (in theory, but unaffiliated could be affiliating at the polls).

  14. There is a significant minority of Kansas “Republicans” that vote in primaries as gatekeepers. Try to keep the bat crap crazy out. Hearing a lot more about people flipping strategies to vote the crazies into the general so they lose. Personally, I don’t want any part of that game of chicken, but it is definitely a factor.

  15. He also believes the Earth is only about 4,000 years old.

  16. Correct, it was brought up a few years ago when Terrance Newman retired and was brought on as a coach. People wanted him to be an emergency CB but it was against the rules as soon as he was hired.

  17. Also came up with the Broncos Covid / Kendall Hinton game.

  18. I would simply point out that giving Kansas politicians the constituitional authority to regulate abortions goes both ways. While it likely gives current politicians the ability to ban abortions, it also gives politicians the right to force abortions.

  19. Any trade that involves future or under the table considerations or has a hidden condition/agreement is out of bounds. Unless you are in some wild ass friends league where anything goes. But any league that is for money, the trade is the trade and that’s it. Any trade back/rental/ I owe ya one wink wink / Here’s some free tickets / ad infinitum is collusion. You are working together, without the knowledge of the league usually. collusion. You have entered into a parntership. collusion.

  20. The conditional agreement would be public and moderated by the commissioner. It would not be under the table or shady. It has no future benefit that is not firmly agreed upon at the time of the trade.

  21. I mean if your league is unanimously on board with this kind of stuff AND all conditions are public knowledge at the time of the initial trade, then you guys do you. Personally, it’s like opening the FF Pandora’s Box of Fuckery, but it’s your league.

  22. It just leads to drama. Someone gets screwed. Someone gets butthurt. Everyone else realizes you’re both shady AF over less than $1000 and the league implodes.

  23. I’m going to try and keep this as “real world” as I can for you (here on the interwebs), as I can totally relate, and have had many similar experiences in the industry.

  24. You are being manipulated by distorted math with an agenda… and/or are trying to do the same to others.

  25. Here is a similar example: Less than 1% of people have ever owned a car.

  26. The biggest mistakes I have seen usually involve age. Drafting a team full of rookies usually isn’t great. Conversely, reaching for older guys/names can leave you in a bad spot sooner rather than later. It’s really about value. A rookie that busts or an older vet that falls off a cliff will be bad returns on draft investment.

  27. Using placeholders (kickers usually) to draft rookie picks is great, but since the draft has already happened, it’s really just an extra unnecessary step. At this point just throw them all in the pool.

  28. Id say the majority of the sub as already branded Watson as a guaranteed bust & saying Doubs will be the actual star of the class

  29. We are throwing in an extra 10% buy in each year for a rollover “dynasty pot”. Each manager to win 3 rings gets 90% of the available dynasty pot.

  30. Realistically? Who was the last UDFA WR to do anything their first year out of college?

  31. It is far more likely that he never looks like the WR he was his freshman year, and/or that the Chiefs/Reid are simply doing the right thing for a kid whose career was taken from him through no fault of his own. However, if he is fully healed, and the Chiefs are comfortable with the added risk, there is a chance he is the best outside WR on the team. I’m not saying a big chance, but it’s not zero, and considering that every pick is a dice roll to some degree or another, he’s no worse a gamble than basically any day 3 WR, imo.

  32. It's been a thing for centuries. It wasn't until some time in the 1950's that they added (one nation) "under god" in order to try to solidify the divide between "good, Christian, God fearing Americans" and the "filthy, evil, atheist commies" which became the label for anything that stood in the way of the capitalist oligarchs expanding their profit and power.

  33. Well, the first incarnation was 1887. So 135 years at most. “Centuries” just feels a bit ambitious. The most notable early version from the 1890s was created by a socialist and the original salute was something now more identified as belonging to WWII era Germany…

  34. Basically, film guys didn’t love him, analytics guys even less so, then his combine numbers weren’t great, and it tanked his value. Then it tanked so hard people reversed course and said he’s a bargain and none of the other RBs in this “deep” class really look that much better after the top 2.

  35. Uh what? His film is fantastic, idk where you got the idea film guys didn't love him.

  36. I’m sure there are guys out there that liked his film, just seemed like most of the guys I was hearing/running across had him outside their top 10 pre combine, and at the time he was in the top tier discussion, so basically a lot of red flags, but there were definitely some guys that still liked him, but the majority of what I was exposed to, in media and in leagues was “land mine” talk.

  37. We do 8 hour slow drafts and turn the cpu autopick off so we dont have to fiddle with settings twice a day. But retain the right to turn it back on/force picks if people want to abuse the honor system

  38. I read it in my late 20s, after obtaining an education in literary analysis from a prestigious university, and disliked it, and also like you didn't notice the abuse theme. And I've also been meaning to reread it sometime. But it would be interesting to get some kind of picture of what proportion of readers do pick up on that theme. It's probably higher now than in the past, due to the ready access to reference materials in everyone's pocket. And also due to people's somewhat greater willingness to acknowledge such abuse at all, and talk about it. I'm guessing the Cliff notes on it in my uni's bookstore in 1977 didn't mention it (but I could be wrong).

  39. The most obvious part for abuse/prior abuse is when he is briefly taken in by a former teacher while in the city. I’ve also heard theories that Holden is essentially an unreliable narrator. With or without the presence of abuse, the book is still a story of trauma, grief, isolation, and depression. Honestly, in my opinion, the reason so many people do connect with the book, is that they can find things to relate to, be it loss, abuse, not fitting in, loneliness, depression, PTSD, bi-polar, etc. Essentially, there are many real shared human experiences present that people don’t commonly talk about openly, but some details are vague enough that people can easily project their own experiences onto Holden, which makes him relateable to more people. Just my opinion, from reading the book several times throughout my life, but not recently enough to argue about the finest of details.

  40. America is at least 300mg per 16 oz, because that's the amount of caffeine in a can of bang and certain cans of rockstar.

  41. It NEEDS to be less. It’s too much. I have most of a can everyday.

  42. Wow this is crap filled right winged propaganda, if i saw any

  43. Man, I would think that a Republican would realize that the ever increasing power of big business will eventually trickle down to “the little people”.

  44. In a related story, Ben mourns for the lost constitutional right of screaming “fire” in a crowded theater, “bomb” on a plane, and “gun” during a tense police encounter.

  45. Sounds like you would give everyone a big trophy for just signing up. What crap and stick your "devil's advocate " nonsense.

  46. I’ve got tons of trophy’s from from ages 6-18. From the 80s, not participation trophys. They collect dust, in a box, in the attic. No one gives a shit about them. My academic trophy’s on the other hand mean something, and returned value. You sound like the kind of person that jerks off to bullying and berating 11 year old girls in a recreation league softball team for not being winners. I bet you’re a real winner. Running your mouth on the interwebs 6 weeks after the fact with some real original “hurr durr just give everyone a trophy”. Get a fucking grip or something original to say. If you wipe your ass with a 12 under rec league trophy, it still has the exact same value, and if you are coaching 12 under rec league softball, and being a psycho about it, while desparately hoping to become a 12u travel coach, how much did you really accomplish in your sporting career? How all them trophies working for ya now sport?

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