1. I wasn’t particularly pleased with the man on Leary in Ballard today screaming as he walked down the side of the road dripping in sweat like he just finished his first ever hot yoga session while throwing any object not physically attached to the ground into the road at cars driving past.

  2. I care about human rights, but the comment comes off as… in your face, like.

  3. The problem isn’t that it’s having a conversation about what’s happening in Ukraine which is a constantly evolving event. It’s a single perspective rant “group x is trying to destroy this county. Did you hear what person a said?! How can people really think like that. I can’t believe that those stupid group x follower actually agree with them” “yeah it’s pretty crazy. Anyways… want to get some thing and share it to start? These look pretty tasty” and it’s the exact same talking point and views over and over. When you’re 16-20 and just getting into politics that’s more interesting but it fades fast.

  4. I share her politics, and it’s a turn off enough that I would swipe left.

  5. I have a few friends like this it really takes the energy out of me spending time with them and drags me down. My reaction to hearing about mass shootings now isn’t feeling horrible about what’s happened it’s “well guess this is the only thing I’m hearing about all Saturday night now” and it gets old. But, I’m also not 23 anymore.

  6. The met has the best deli selection by far. Good wine too. Great produce too. Central market/town and country for seafood. For every day shopping I like Safeway. Freddie’s too I guess, tends to be a bit cheaper recently. Qfc seems to have really gone down hill. Not a fan of Trader Joe’s. Absolutely hate Whole Foods or Amazon fresh or whatever it’s called.

  7. And the funny thing about Hitch is that his full name is Ted Hitchcock but it you say it really fast it sounds like you’re saying ten inch cock.

  8. Most action American F-22 pilots have had in a while

  9. Pullman, WA. No idea where that is but Seattle can’t be too far.

  10. I firmly believe that we cannot vilify simply not having a home and existing. This much is true.

  11. Yeeeeahhhh fuck that. What a stupid idea. That’s how store get rid of all their carts to avoid getting fined for having homeless walk off with their carts and dump them all over town. Hope you’re able to carry everything you’re trying to get at the grocery store.

  12. Damn, I miss Top Gear, especially this news segment of the show...

  13. What would you rather have picked? SUVs contribute highly to highway and pedestrian deaths. Highway and pedestrian deaths have skyrocketed while cars have only become heavier and wider. Tell me, what the fuck do cops need to throttle on an SUV for in a university area, in a city, responding to some minimally urgent call? Nobody needs fucking SUVs in the city, let alone these guys. If you own an SUV, you are part of the problem.

  14. It’s dickheads like you that make the whole anti car movement so unlikeable. Don’t tell other people how to live. Go back to whatever city’s sub you came from and shut the fuck up.

  15. Convincing = 1) do you want jail or 2) Oneway bus ticket to Seattle, you leave today. I have a feeling there won’t need much arm twisting.

  16. 5 years of healthy wages for counselors and “case managers” directing people to resources or passing out pamphlets they can find online Jk I’m bitter.

  17. If all counselors made a very handsome $90k a year that would pay for 26k counselors for 5 years.

  18. Moving is a pipe dream for me, like a lot of people who want to stay near the place they work around Seattle. I live in a pretty shitty building with even shittier management, but I am still hammering away at begging them to let me charge somewhere in the lot.

  19. So have you offered to pay your management to supplement the additional cost they’ll incur charging your car for you? Or are you just assuming they should just let you plug in wherever? In which case should they also walk around the lot with a couple Jerry cans of gas topping off everyone’s tanks each night for them?

  20. Stool, Edison Bulb, black iron nameboard, minimalist cheap ugly paper menu, generic name, bad overpriced burgers, bulky tatted chef.

  21. No no no you don’t understand. It’s a wagyu burger! And for $5 extra dollars it can come with 12 sweet potato fries. And our “totally unique fry sauce that every other place in south lake Union totally doesn’t have” sauce for the fires for $1.50

  22. With no sound dampening to be found, a cacophony of stools dragging on the polished concrete, the deafening roar of everyone else’s conversations mixed with the terrible music played through cheap speakers.

  23. 6 95 inch tv’s at full brightness even tho it’s not a sports bar. A boomy stereo that’s playing just a little too loud to talk easily but not pound enough to be able to discern exactly what style of generic trancy chill house edm the 24 year old floor manager is playing where she swears that she’s only doing this to pay for med school at uw even tho she never has never seen a med school class.

  24. What are you talking about? This article says that they don't build new tanks from scratch, they refit old ones

  25. Or more likely send current generation abrams that are in operational condition in the us. Such as all the now decommissioned marine corps units

  26. The majority of the time I’m running 87. The majority of the time I’m just running too or from work or stores or whatever. If I’m driving somewhere with more enjoyable roads I might put 92 in. Yes the car will make the full 250 hp only with 92 but the difference in the power band only comes in like the last 1000 rpm or so. For 99.5 of your driving it won’t make any difference.

  27. Is the homeless person not inconvenienced due to lack of affordable housing and livable wages that force people into situations like this that are particularly bad on the west coast? Have some respect for your fellow human beings. Don't get mad at them for living under the same hellish system every one lives under, get mad at the people who make it have to be this way

  28. There’s a huge amount of jobs with good pay available on the west coast. You just have to be willing and and in a state where you’re able to do them.

  29. And yet someone who had right of way (most likely, depends on local crosswalk laws but very very likely) was hit so they clearly were not slow enough.

  30. A crosswalk yielding the right of way to pedestrians doesn’t mean you can step into a road .5 second before a city bus come barreling down the road and expect the bus to stop for you. You still need common sense to use a cross walk.

  31. This. Just because you are a pedestrian in a cross walk doesn’t immediately place all blame onto the driver of the vehicle. That’s just not logical. That would be the same as saying if you waited at the side of a crosswalk until the half second before a 18 ton dump truck which would have no possibility of stopping to step out into the road it’s the drivers fault for not stopping in time. A cross walk does not provide immunity from stupidity. You still have to use your brain first.

  32. “Denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination, e.g., by claiming that the existence of a State of Israel is a racist endeavor.”

  33. I’d also add that the second point seems a little iniquitous. A Jewish group that tries to enact changes to a government trying to get others drawing observations to Jewish groups and their attempts to make changes to governments declared antisemitism seems, well, ironic.

  34. Why do we single out the Jewish state when many other countries are guilty of doing the same thing, if not worse?

  35. A good ol case of whataboutism to deflect from injustices of Israel. That’s original.

  36. I got myself in the habit of touching the door handle to lock the car before I walk away just so I don’t jump scare myself every time I go to lock the car. And I don’t have to dig the fob out of my pocket.

  37. I just leave my climate set to the temp I prefer (70) then have auto selected set and synced with seats. Then if its say 38 deg the seats come on with the heat and if its 90 deg in the car the A/C comes on to cool. Just have to use the auto temp and sync functions.

  38. Sometimes tho. I don’t know why but for some reason sometimes it will turn the seats and the steering wheel on automatically. Sometimes it dont. It’s 53 out? Seats and steering wheel on. 34? Nothing. I don’t get it.

  39. The US has 52 C-5 Galaxy planes, each plane can carry two Abrams. They could probably get quite a few tanks into eastern Poland by tomorrow if they really wanted.

  40. You should consider how many abrams are already in eastern Poland first. As well as everywhere else around the world.

  41. Because my job doesn’t transfer to being able to live in Montana and my girlfriends job wouldn’t even pay her half what she makes here.

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