Bed Bath & Beyond exec ID’d as Tribeca ‘Jenga Building’ jumper

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BBBY could be the next short squeeze. GME 2.0??? RC bought in at $17 and it’s currently under $5!

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  1. The UK already bailed out blackrock and it’s not even a UK bank. Nobody cares. It’s a different time than 2008.

  2. That wasn’t a bank bailout that was them just temporarily resuming qe to prevent collapse of bond market

  3. was saying the CEO was trying to save face for the company perhaps. But an important point here is that one who cancels something is the same person who planned something. Cancelling is the reversal of the plan to do something. The CEO wasn't planning a recession and then decided to go a different direction.

  4. We haven’t seen capitulation yet tho 🤷🏻‍♂️

  5. True but a loss is a loss. 80% of S&P companies were only profitable because of low interest rates. The silliness must go

  6. Your looking at percent change of the contracts. It looks ridiculous bc those options previously closed at no bid meaning they were worthless. Then they had a sale at 0.01 which is an infinite percentage gain

  7. Hey, if you haven't already, please reply to this comment with your positions and what led you to enter or exit them!

  8. 8,400 BBBY shares - been in this one for a while.

  9. Yes, bought 900 between $7.30-$7.45, might buy more if this dip continues

  10. Anyone unironically saying "Synthetic shares" should result in an immediate perma ban. You have low IQ and deserve to lose your money on towel stock.

  11. How do you suppose that in just one week over 1.1 billion shares were traded on a stock with only 80,000,000 outstanding? Volumes in one minute often exceeding 5,000,000 shares at open. To suppress the price synthetic shares were shorted at open market to try and prevent the squeeze from getting any further.

  12. That case was in such early stages it wouldn’t make sense for him to have offed himself now


  14. Multimillionaire wallstreet exec offs himself and u don’t find that suspicious at all?

  15. Don’t know why a Wall Street exec would off himself unless caught in criminal action

  16. He profited like maybeeee $30,000,000 that is no where near what is needed to restore the balance sheet. RC duped us

  17. Thanks again for this got in early because of your post

  18. 🫡 everyone in here and WSB and of course the bbby sub saved my ass, glad you all made some money too, this wasn’t possible without you all

  19. More interested to know how you rose from 400

  20. Averaged into 100 $10 calls expiring 8/19. Started buying July 6th I believe, slowly decreased and almost bought another 100 at .04 a contract which was the cheapest they ever were but didn’t pull the trigger :(

  21. Change your name to Phoenix, wait better yet move Phoenix, buy a firebird and tell everyone how unlike icarus you did not burn up! You're now a living legend!

  22. Gaps are normal, they aren’t always filled entirely. A sub $1 gap isn’t significant

  23. IMO for a gap to fill then the gap actually has to fill.

  24. Well then you might be new to the stock market/ charting or just don’t understand it but it is very common in stocks to see slight retracements to “fill gaps” but it isn’t full. Look at literally any stock and it will have unfilled gaps and since this isn’t a very large gap it doesn’t have to be filled

  25. 🌝emoji??!?!?! It must be a sign 🚀🚀🚀

  26. Everyone but RC sold a portion off. Interesting but not surprising.

  27. Most haven’t been updated since February but still wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the case

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