1. Crime is up, people feel unsafe, and his whole platform is being "soft on crime". Cops on silent strike definitely are contributing but Krasner also isn't telling the people what they want to hear.

  2. The Good: The Philadelphia 76ers championship run starts next week

  3. I know I'm usually the doom and gloom poster, but I walk down Walnut Street pretty much every day and it seems like it's doing fine. Contrary to what some other people are saying, there are actually new businesses opening up.

  4. The scary thing is that Parker may become Mayor. She is the machine candidate.

  5. There's so many people who are gonna be running for mayor its nuts, gonna just be whoever gets 25% of the vote because PA doesn't have runoffs in primaries

  6. Combined with the fact that nobody votes, yeah. I hope Nutter runs.

  7. You know which sector of society needs the least "stimulation"? Fucking business. How about stimulating basic human needs like, food, clean water and shelter first? Maybe we can have a city in which 14 year olds aren't routinely shot dead after football practice and people aren't freezing to death on the street before we "stimulate" some wealthy business owners. Is that too much to ask?

  8. While necessary, I don’t think North broad has the foot traffic or retail activity needed to create a successful BID.

  9. The Vine St Expressway is a big physical and mental barrier. Plus there aren't smaller businesses generating foot traffic immediately off Broad like you see South of City Hall. Maybe the second point will change between Vine and Spring Garden on the East side of Broad...but I have a hard time seeing any significant foot traffic increase on the west side (big highway off ramp taking up a full city block).

  10. Wait until you hear about the septa board structure 🤭.

  11. Each county SEPTA serves gets two board seats so suburban interests (KoP line, regional rail) get more love than the busses and subways.

  12. Probably a good thing if this video is any indication

  13. Something is bugging me about people's use of the word "we" when discussing the various QoL issues in the city.

  14. Edit: Removing my comment because I woke up on the wrong side of the bed and was being a dick.

  15. lol @ Anthony Williams trying to save face. You messed up boss. Congratulations you replaced one derelict warehouse with a shiny, new, derelict warehouse.

  16. Eh, I understand their reasons, legally it can be put out the night before and some people don't have time in the morning.

  17. You do you. I HAVE seen some riflers (especially recyclers) be neat about it, and if they're stuck digging through trash to solve problems they've probably got bigger problems. Me, I'd pick other battles with my limited time.

  18. To be real I'm just frustrated and blowing smoke out my ass

  19. Wow, the USD is worth slightly more than the Euro right now. And the GBP is near parity.

  20. This is going to be a spur line off the Norristown High Speed Line that will have stations surrounded by parking lots, have a circuitous route because of KoP NIMBYs, have a terminus that is a hike from the actual mall, and won't even connect to Philadelphia (you'll have to transfer in Upper Darby and get on the El). This is an awful project.

  21. Can't even do that next year because they're only going to be on apple tv+.

  22. I am Union-curious but having to go to Chester for a game is kind of a deal breaker for me.

  23. Reading in Washington Square is a top 5 philly activity

  24. Glad detectives were able to find the suspect quickly, but is anyone else frustrated that Rittenhouse Square has become a defacto homeless encampment after dark and our city/police/leadership/outreach/etc. just shrug their shoulders and say "yup! that's fine". And for everyone who says that it's okay - it's really not. Just look what happened to this poor woman here. Completely and entirely preventable.

  25. It's so bad driving into Philly via 95...all ads for sketchy lawyers, casinos, and strip clubs.

  26. FYI The charity muggers just finished their meeting on Chestnut Street and are heading out.

  27. I wonder if there have ever been turf wars between the charity muggers and homeless people.

  28. I'm bored of doing the same stuff in Philly. I am not a big fan of drinking anymore- at least not as the main event, but I am not great at finding other actually fun weekend activities. Any suggestions?? No longer excited by the idea of going to bars, no matter how cool they are.

  29. I'd recommend biking/walking around Fairmount and Wissahickon park. The bridge that connects the Wissahickon Valley Trail to Forbidden Drive is open as of today.

  30. There's a place on 10th right past locust I used to go to when I lived closer to it. Has a surprising amount of things in such a small place.

  31. Well, good luck calling it an accident now, we have intent right here

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