1. Wait.. we're not going to see the Tesla phone now??? /s

  2. I see it every day. Tell them he's stealing from your own team and they say he should take more. It's going to be a hella of a movie.

  3. You know, at least this was before gamergate and alt-right racists were so culturally pervasive. This photo is a nostalgic gem because it represents a period before social was mainstreamed and weaponized

  4. If Ukraine falls, Putin will be emboldened to take another country.

  5. FIFA is waiting for the bidding to end before it takes any action.

  6. This email doesn't say everyone is required to use Plaid. I just checked and there are still several payment options available.

  7. They removed my Barclay's ACH account but left my Bank of America debit card account. I used Plaid to reconnect Barclay and then proceeded to change my Barclay's password after the account was reconnected.

  8. How does one ride dick so hard for a guy who would toss you off a cliff for the money in your wallet?

  9. Seal your doors and windows. Use big towels if you don't have proper kit. When Winter comes and it gets cold, cold air comes in and warm air goes out if you don't seal your apt or house windows and doors.

  10. Article VI, Paragraph 2 of the U.S. Constitution has entered the chat.

  11. It's crap like this that forces prosocuters to release criminals back on the streets. The prisons are already above capacity and Gov Abbott uses those funds for personal politics.

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