1. If we have to actively look for a scream then it's probably not there OP

  2. You don't have to because in this sub, it should always be in the end and was cut short. Always right at the end

  3. I checked the end multiple times, im sorry but I don’t hear it

  4. What's wrong with their mouths? Are people straight up eating paint now?

  5. I need to go to sleep, my dumbass thought they had mold in their mouths

  6. When she said 16 my heart dropped. That's way too young, they are literally still in school smh

  7. My frieza and nemekain for evil aura. And maybe my female majin and female sayian

  8. Wait, the free update is on the 23 but the actual dlc is in April..

  9. Been gone awhile but did they add a new accessory you can only get in Dragon ball Xenoverse 2 via Breakers?

  10. I’m about to cry, this is amazing. Also I have to remove like several jokes I was going to make about no beast or orange form 💀

  11. 99% sure you can keep the "no orange" jokes tbh. Ain't no way they teased Beast as part of a free update three days from now and nothing about an Orange form if we were actually gonna get it.

  12. My mom wondering why I smell funny after visiting my friends house:

  13. I have found my way into yet another phoenix galaxy post. Good luck on the slander slanderman.

  14. this format was largely popularised from metal gear rising revengance, using various short clips of combat and other actions characters did. most common characters you'd see in bait and switch "memes" (memes are meant to be funny), are jetstream sam and senator armstrong.

  15. Oh like one of those “status” memes on yt? Yeah I’ve seen those

  16. “This is what happened after 2 years of smoking, don’t be like me. Quit smoking now”

  17. I’ve been getting better with dealing with the cheese too, it’s still super annoying to come across. If I wanna play with randoms I play normal matches because all of the cheesers are in ranked

  18. I got so sick of cheese and terrible raid rewards I went to breakers to an accessory, Ngl it’s not bad dare I say better than xeno

  19. Gameplay wise? Yeah, way more fun. But with mods on steam (I play MP on PS5) nothing can beat the mass amounts of creativity you can pull off in xv2 with a reshade, some hair mods, a new move, and a dream

  20. Yea they talk like there’s something down there throat 24/7

  21. I’ve been trying to make that exact recipe for my female human ki and basic build

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