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  1. I’ve only just now realized that after all this time we are yet to see Flint eating a burger.

  2. That's kinda funny, it doesn't replicate but the last thing we need is trying to explain to parents why something their children wrote is on our map.

  3. I guess, but what’s wrong with people knowing? They’ll just change the sign

  4. If it’s a bug then Stylis will go “oh shit we should fix that” and then they’ll fix it

  5. Any super-vague hints as to the Heavy’s- I mean the Gunner’s coming grenade?

  6. Takes me five hours to read the story and then five days to understand it.

  7. I haven’t played PF in months. Glad to see people are still coping over the game’s “balance”

  8. Do like the original one did and post a picture of her eating a PB&J but add the Doctor saying something like “Man, I sure am happy no easily-angered or dirty-minded people were quick to judge that one”

  9. I’ve found that the different types of melee weapons have their strong points. But I like clubs the most since they have the highest knockdown chance, or so I’ve seen. Spears are good too because you can just yeet ‘em when you’re desperate.

  10. This is a lot more morally-acceptable than I expected but my disappointment unto you is still immense

  11. What if we deciphered the Geni drives😳😳😳

  12. Big erasers are for big mistakes, but I see no mistakes here to begin with.

  13. The best CC I’ve been around for, for this exact reason. Amen. 🙏

  14. If HG doesn’t give Cardigan an E3 promotion I’m going to implode.

  15. I couldn’t help but draw parallels between Eleazar and Oripathy myself. In addition to the whole “covered in hard stuff” symptom, there’s also no cure for it, though that theme isn’t uncommon. I wonder if Hoyoverse thought about the similarities during development.

  16. The Florida men will break the entire jeneva convention.

  17. Geneva Convention? What’s that? We don’t have one of those down here.

  18. Can you somehow get the ump fired? Current one is a bit bad at his job

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