1. Bang on. How many of these sneeding soyboys possess the intestinal fortitude to crawl from their safe spaces and serve, let alone be the tip of the spear. Turns the stomach.

  2. Does this also apply to the soldiers who testified against BRS,? Or the soldiers he intimidated before they gave evidence?

  3. Zorko on here, but Daniher on Facebook is a whole other level of hatred.

  4. Wait, really? Why do they hate Joe so much on FB?

  5. And, if this adds extra interest for people, on their tour, supports include The Chats, Teenage Joans, and Teen Jesus and The Jean Teasers.

  6. The Crows in Adelaide vs the Crows everywhere else

  7. Plenty of gig venues in the Valley which have some great bands on no matter your age - unless you're -18 most of the time

  8. 72 posts later about the same moon.

  9. Dunno why you bothered with the other stats. Everything is just white noise in this thread except the last stat.

  10. They do it with most, if not every, poll on here. It's helpful to get a visualisation of the data instead of reading through the whole text to get the data.

  11. am i hallucinating or did teams used to get 4 points for the bye?

  12. Not in AFL. NRL teams get 2 points in the NRL fixture though.

  13. I'm setting so many alarms to wake up to finish an assignment. I have a spare room in Kippa- ring.

  14. I’ll tell you something silly, I went the whole week telling everyone I reckoned that GC would beat Adelaide as it was in Darwin and GC are awesome there and Adelaide are young so that Brisbane clash would’ve tired them out massively

  15. Collingwood just need to have the belief they can prevail over the Bye.

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