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  1. Absolutely yes. I have hung out with more traditional witches but my craft tends to center more on making things with metal or turning wrenches so my athame is an old, vaguely sharp bastard file that I use for soft metals and jewelry, and maybe that half inch socket wrench that just won't quit lol.

  2. I would really like to find or found an organization like that. I used to be a part of one that was pretty middle of the road leaning and it was pretty nice. We even had 'family' barbecues and everyone knew everyone's family and kids; it was literally just like when my blood family has a big gathering. And what's even better is you know if anything ever jumps off you've got 20 some odd friends that you've trained with and have earned your trust.

  3. That's why the military started using heavier rounds and twist rates. The original 20" barrels had a 1:12 twist. You can get replicas from green mountain rifle company, at least you could a few years ago. But really .223/5.56 is happiest when it's going as fast as possible, so the longer the barrel the better out to 24" anyways.

  4. Yeah, I've been looked at a few times for using 'we' as a personal pronoun, but I guess I kinda look at me in the past, present, and future as different people, and also my mind and body; because there's definitely some kind of collective will sort of thing going on. I've also referenced drunk/stoned me and sober me as distinct people.

  5. Looks to be black nightshade, solanum nigrum. Also referred to as blackberry nightshade or European nightshade.

  6. I took over my grandpa's garden after he had some major medical issues come up, so I had no idea what he'd planted for most of the season. With the little white flowers I thought this would be another pepper plant but it's just made these little black berries. I'm in Southern California if that makes any difference

  7. I learned this the hard way a few years back, but tabi have grippy stuff on the bottom like those slip resistant house socks. I had a pair of socks like yours that I tried to wear with my geta but after a bit of sliding around on them I ended up ditching the socks, and finding out about the tabi grippy stuff. I still don't have any tabi, because finding a women's size 12 is hard enough in the US, nevermind from Japan, but when I get my sewing machine fixed I'll probably try to work up a pattern for them.

  8. I have multiple pairs of tabi and none of them have the grippy stuff. No issues with sliding either.

  9. Maybe it's just because I'm tall and kinda clumsy but I almost rolled my ankle lol

  10. I think rather than trying to drive society solely on economic activity, I would write something like a 'bill of Responsibilities' kind of like a Bill of Rights except outlining a base standard of what citizens are responsible for in maintaining their communities. It'd be really awesome to tie UBI in with this notion of community responsibility, but I see way too many ways that could quickly turn into slave labor at the hands of the government.

  11. Okay so this is one of those things that you really want to check on, but if she's culturally from Japan that's probably a holdover from a social tradition called "

  12. I've known my girlfriend for almost 10 years. We haven't always been romantic but it's always been kind of a thing between us anyways. And when she turns up the flirting and gets to feeling herself I still get flustered lol. She always declares that 'she wins' when she gets me so flustered I forget how to use words.

  13. Really late response but I was wondering the same and found this answer: What you want to do is go on Advanced(f7) > Overclocking settings > OC Explore Mode (Expert) > CPU Features > Enable SVM Mode

  14. You got yourself a Meanstreak with the cool upside down forks. If they're straight, I've seen a set go with the triples for $300. The wheels look good too. Straight handlebars go for like $90 so you could almost recoup the cost of the bike right there.

  15. An equivalent electric motor is only $800 lol. Oh and then batteries. And as jacked as that bike is, I'd rebuild the brakes from the top down just because not being able to stop sucks.

  16. I feel that's kind of like throwing you into the deep end of the pool knowing you barely know how to swim. Like, it took me years to find a style that I found comfortable and *me* enough that I'd consider it 'real life experience', before that it was all me just figuring it out. This was after I started on hormones, came out, and started being myself 100% of the time. You just can't rush that kind of thing and expect it to be a good representation of what it's like to live as yourself like that.

  17. It's like the episode of Futurama with the 'popplers' but instead of invading from space they'll be establishing beachfronts lol

  18. It took me 23, and until 30 to finally realize that's what I'd found. That was after years of being close with them and many instances of just being there for each other both to celebrate and to give each other strength when we need it. And tbr that kind of love really scared me more than anything in the beginning because I had no concept of it lol.

  19. I'm sorry but this really struck me sideways lol that's like some kind of anxiety feedback loop

  20. I do it when I get anxious, which sometimes makes me nauseous. Which gets funny when I watch medical stuff, because I'm very interested in learning how the human body works but then I get anxious and forget to breathe and before I know it I have to take a break because I'm getting too light headed lol.

  21. It depends a lot on what kind of relationship it is; like my SO originally started flirting with me by just being around and interacting with me; she would kinda just.... metaphorically say "hey, we can be a bit closer if you want" and leave it open for me to move closer or not.

  22. If you want to, you can just take the bowl out and give them a good spray with some carb cleaner but tbh I wouldn't unless you're having problems. Don't fix what ain't broke, if you catch my drift.

  23. Actually there are three main cerebral arteries, the two carotid and the basilar. The carotids perfuse the mid and frontal brain of their own sides, the basilar runs up the rear and then forks and perfuses the whole back. Within the brain they converge via communicating arteries to form the 'circle of Willis' - the anatomical name for a literal circle of artery that means any one cerebral artery could perfuse any part of the brain if need be, assuming sufficient blood volume in the system & cardiac output (either natural or CPR)

  24. Aren't there some people that don't have a complete Circle of Willis, but since most people don't get advanced imaging done on their brain most have no idea?

  25. This has been tripping me out every time I think about it. Eight years of "Obama wants to take our guns" and in the end it was that guy of all people to be the next to ban something firearms related lol

  26. Isn’t that the life rune on the brow there? I thought that was a white supremacist symbol.

  27. They tried to take Pepe too but the internet fought back lol. Don't let them co-opt any culture for hatred!

  28. That's just a lot of oxygen so it would get expensive. Plasma is just compressed air so it's nice and cheap

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