When laughter meets percussion

Call an ambulance, I'm laughing too hard.

  1. I thought the title said masturbation is changing me

  2. The guy could be fluent in both languages or at least B2 after 4 years. If being stuck on A2 after 4 years of learning the languages isn't wasting of time, I don't know what is

  3. I have found all apps to be a huge waste of time, beyond an initial one month of being introduced to the words and how they sound.

  4. When don't they just do fake network errors and ask you to contact their non existent support desk

  5. Make sacrifices and save for a long time. For example, do this for a period of 5 years and you’ll have enough to spend a year travelling the world:

  6. I make all these sacrifices yet still only travel a little

  7. They installed strong led lights to keep the parks empty. I wear dark sunglasses and sit alone

  8. It feels like dust in my eyes and nose and it smells like paint

  9. How old is the building? If it's older than 1980, there is a risk for lead.

  10. From the 60s. I guess I already have brain damage in that case

  11. People have different definitions of fun. My religion restricting me from alcohol aside, I am a quiet person and I prefer a calmer environment, so even if I am 19 such an environment sounds a lot nicer.

  12. I didn't judge. I like joy and women. I don't drink much.

  13. -τσαρκα generaly means the act of wandering about looking for whatever is the first part of the word, like 'pub crawl' would be 'μπαρότσαρκα'. I think it's turkish for taking a stroll.

  14. Not looking for but going around from one to the other.

  15. When you're perceived as a loner, people just assume negative shit about you unfortunately. I am always the subject of harassment and negative comments everywhere I go.

  16. Loneliness is weakness. And noone wants to associate with the weak because it weakens them

  17. They actually gave bad advice to a woman who worked as a prostitute and who was hiding the fact from her spouse until she was harassed at work (this can happen as prostitutes always have a fixed set of services they provide). Her spouse was not supportive and she asked a community if she should dump him over that. I was surprised to see people advising she should dump him not because of his behavior but because of his age. As if people are meant to be replaced like used old cars.... I politely asked them to rethink their words and the mods deleted all my posts saying I was hurting the members' feelings.

  18. I don't have enough time. I usually feel too tired and scroll videos or read comments. I have made some failed attempts to socialize in classes. Failed because I always sit alone or talk to people I don't really like. I know there are group activities that would be better but I'm too timid to try them and too indecisive.

  19. His tone is pretty aggressive, I'll grant you that. There's a lot of hype about LLM's, and he's pushing back on it. I don't think he's saying anything particularly profound though, nothing that most AI researchers haven't already said, which is that LLM's don't "reason", or "solve" things, or make predictions about real-world phenomena.

  20. Does our mind reason on a neuronal level? If we could see how our neurons fire, what kind of math would describe their processes? Could it be possible that our brain circuits implement statistical inference? And that we think we reason because we are presented with results by our brain circuits?

  21. I was at a hardware store with my dad, and on the checkout counter was a display with Doom shareware. I had never heard of Doom or knew anything about it, but I nagged him enough that he bought it for me.

  22. You were lucky to have open minded parents! Wholesome award from me!

  23. You know I think the minimalism of older tech allowed your imagination to fill in the blanks more

  24. Heretic had great sound with AWE32 soundfonts (samples) and effects.

  25. No it's not. They're 22 and 33 and in different phases of their life. This is just the truth nothing discriminatiorx here or abusive.

  26. A friend of mine is married to a woman ten years older than him. They are a lovely couple It is a shame they have had to bear with sexist and bigoted comments about their age gap.

  27. A 10 year age gap is fine if the people involved are developmentally in a similar place. 30 year old man and a 40 year old woman? Acceptable. 65 and 75? Good to go. 18 and 28? No.

  28. Acceptable by whom? What authority do you think you have?

  29. I never brushed as a kid and my patents never took me to a dentist. Ate a lot of sweets also

  30. I always lose weight quickly. Wish I had more money to travel more

  31. oh that's awesome! good for him and hey, you got yourself a little role model, so to speak. if living abroad is something you are still interested in, maybe that might be something worth going for? you'll have a goal, you'll be excited, and once you do it, it is going to be so fun!

  32. I have a chance but it is significantly more difficult for me. He was under 30 then and they gave him a scholarship just to study the language, all expenses paid. I am 42.

  33. but you still have a chance! and fuck age. seriously. for the past two decades, there has been an olympic gymnast, Oksana Chusovitina competing again and again and again. She gave birth in 2000, and still went to Sydney that year. By the time Tokyo rolled around, she had a grandchild. And she was competing alongside Simone Biles and Melnikova.

  34. Thank you for these words. I have travelled very little, but it is perhaps the only time I felt like I was not wasting my days and indeed I felt some happiness and came back a better more confident person. There are always opportunities, not the same nor as many, some compromise is warranted I think, but also having good reflexes when opportunity is noticed and not be held back by lack of courage

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