This is $70 worth of groceries in the most expensive city in the USA [OC]

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Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. Right on. I got these from ILGM. Never smoked a 1:1, so hopefully I get some good effects.

  2. I hope your looking for pain relief. The 1:1 ratio is supposed to keep you from getting high. I have yet to try cbd so I can't say for sure

  3. I'm looking for a light and calming effect. Not too stoney. Hoping to treat my panic attacks with it.

  4. It's not them I can promise that. It's the integration to the online menu company and how they map products products

  5. I always would recommend getting off a Apple but really that's entirely up to you

  6. Flower 4? Damn but that sounds like a lot of weed you have there. I feel great jealousy.... :)

  7. We actually have 8 lol. This is a cultivation facility I work for. Not mine. I wish....

  8. I will have to look into what a light popup card is. Thank you

  9. I don't understand. It is a level 1 cannabis cultivation faculty. We have veg rooms and flower rooms

  10. Just got tickets to Thor with this for the family. Thank you

  11. Glad it didn't go to a bot. Hope it's enough I know 40 isn't a lot for most people's enjoy though. God bless you.

  12. It is much appreciated. Since I am an a-list member, my ticket was free. My spouse and 2 daughters tickets came to $40.77. I have no problem paying the $0.77.

  13. I will attempt to germinate the seed/s when it's time. It will be about a month before the next cycle.

  14. Depending on growing method there is a lot you can do. Also gaining control over all enviromental controls is super helpful. I have setup binary sensors for devices so i can see and graph when devices are triggered on the same timeline as my temp, hum and vpd graphs. It has allowed me to really fine tune devices and see the direct effect on my environment. Managing and monitoring ec and ph has been a game changer for me as well. Graphana is one of the best tools i have found to really fine tune things in my grow.

  15. Only time I sold was at the all time high to get my investment back. The rest of it can sit and do whatever it's all green money to me

  16. Same, and then came back and I'm using the profit I made to reinvest now. ;)

  17. I only sold enough to get my initial investment back. Everything else has just been sitting ever since.

  18. i had one plant smell like dabs but that was from the trichomes! the reason i know this is because when i touched the plant i would have alot of sticky residue on my fingers which had that smell. the plant itself never smelled. and it wasnt a huge smell either

  19. Your tricks are where the terpenes are too. That's why it did that

  20. I finally got word from the lighting company. Looks like the 12vdc is only used in a small amount of setups. Most only use the o-10vdc dimming + and -. I will be giving this an attempt next week. All has been ordered. Thanks to all that had input

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