Kim was disgusting for this

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  1. And flesh eating bacteria. I live on the gulf coast. Every year in Bama and western Florida when water run off from sewage over flow hits brackish water people get it.

  2. Right at the state line the most dangerous weather you would think would be hurricanes but nope. Rip tide. Kills people every year. Tourist are not raised in school on how to handle it. Plus we got the delta we have a few people die there every year as well. Also the world's deadliest train wreck. The sunshine limited I think it was called. Derailed in the swamp in a 400 square mile delta known as America's Amazon. They all drowned.

  3. You talking about the state line between Alabama and Florida? Also, I got to Google the tide thing. So the Delta contains the freaking shipwreck that attracts people who then eventually die?

  4. That is exactly right! I always thought she was just like her!

  5. Wait, wasn’t he seen wearing the same kind of sunglasses in one of those pap shots the other day? So this is recent? Or am I confusing something

  6. Ya the pic says it’s from July 3rd

  7. Ooooops, I didn’t see that. Ooof, he is such a dickhead

  8. Thanks, this dude came visiting me in my little forest garden

  9. It actually explains the stance Kyle was taking when Biden was elected and she was celebrating election night with Dorit… in her confessionals she explicitly stated that she was so happy about the fact that a woman would become the vice president. That sentence, as nice as it sounds, never sat right with me. It left too much space for interpretation. I honestly think she wasn’t happy that Trump wasn’t re-elected.

  10. Mein Benutzerkonto ist mehr als doppelt so alt wie deins. Wat willst du?

  11. Daß du mich hier nicht so dumm von der Seite anlaberst.

  12. Leider verdient er monatlich wahrscheinlich auch noch 20.000 € damit

  13. Jap das seh ich genau so. Wer auch immer die Frau ist wo das erstellt hat die ist ein bisschen im Mittelalter hängen geblieben 🤣🤣

  14. The golden child usually keeps getting a little bit of affection -or the warped version of it they are given-, and sometimes its enough to stay. The black sheeps usually know from pretty early that they are not loved and must get out of there. I think that's why most of the times the golden child of a family can, but it's not the most likely to break the cycle.

  15. Eigentlich schade, die ersten Fragen waren tatsächlich interessant, dann kam die Scheisse. Vielleicht ist die Community dafür auch einfach zu groß. Wie du schon meintest, Schwarmintelligenz geht meistens nach hinten los.

  16. Es erfüllt ganz simpel den Straftatbestand der Sachbeschädigung. Du bist ein Straftäter. Das kannst du dir in deinem Gehirn zurechtbiegen wie du willst. Deine Argumente hier zeigen, was für ein reflektierter und sozialer Mensch du bist. /s

  17. Unangenehm, sehr unangenehm und ich hoffe, du kriegst mit, was der Großteil der Leute von Menschen wie dir hält. Viel Spaß bei deiner zukünftigen Kunst.

  18. She didn’t even defend Sutton once, but kept trying to defend Diana. Not a real friend.

  19. Maybe because she’s in on the plan of Diana trying to demote Garcelle and Sutton? I don’t know if it’s true, it’s just my feeling that’s the only reason she came on.

  20. Okay I'm bad with technology so can someone explain... is it like TikTok filters where it just filters your face and can change features etc or is it an overall smoothing/lighting filter that affects the whole screen?

  21. I believe one doesn’t outlaw the other, so it can be both. There was one scene on the Hulu show where Kims face filter glitches but I cannot remember which scene it was. It was posted on this sub though. The glitch was a face feature altering but they obviously also use blurring/smoothing/lighting filters.

  22. Sooooo ill take this moment to add that my 126k karma are totally buyable with Kardashian Kash…call me 📞

  23. Please, I have 200,000 karma to offer! Pick me, I am available Mon thru Sun 7am to 10pm, hit me up 📞

  24. It was on the table when she was near the bar and and she grabbed it and said “it’s worth $4 million”. He asked her if he should put in the car and she just shrugged her shoulders like she didn’t care.

  25. I believe that was the exact moment when she pointed out that it was 250,000

  26. I was so confused cause afaik Banksys stuff doesn’t sell in galleries or barely at all

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