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  1. Is it just me, or has Dr. House made a comeback in terms of popularity? I've never seen anything regarding the show until a month ago, when it started showing up everywhere.

  2. I think part of it is that whoever is running the House md youtube account (i think they must be new) has popped off with a bunch of really good shorts and clips from the show. Tonnes of comments have been there lately compared to a few years ago when i watched clips, and thats pretty much the biggest activity ive seen.

  3. Why is not a more widely used format? Can we please bring it to the limelight the world needs more house memes

  4. About 11 years ago this used to be a meme format on youtube for YTP stuff

  5. Why would you use PSF instead of just his Scarab Swarm Augment...

  6. PSF is Exilus. Negation swarm isn't. That seems like a good enough reason to me?

  7. Everyone seems to have gotten the others but I think we're all stumped on 8 so imma take a shot in the dark

  8. Far as I'm concerned there's only one acceptable name. Angua in a nod to Sir Terry Pratchett R.I.P.

  9. which animations sets are these? especially the speargun one

  10. A well spent morning, for it has made mine!

  11. Yeah I tried that route only to see that you need screenshots or video to submit a ticket. Annoying as I don't typically record my gameplay.

  12. Heavily recommend installing steelseries GG or smth similar which lets you clip your last 2 minutes. Its helped me alot with the teaming reps :)

  13. I know its a meme but I legit think he looks like human shrek. Him and the absolute brother near the druid camp in the cutscene with the tadpole crawling out

  14. Omg human shrek, I vaguely see that if I squint with one eye and close the other and spin around and then stand on my head, put some foggy glass in front of me and wear a cracked monocle on my squinting eye!

  15. Having the same issue, had it since i got the headset. Its specifically if i use the default communication for discord, if i swap them around the issue doesnt happen. GG seems to be broken.

  16. so does switching it to the specific device instead of using "default" fix the issue for you?

  17. I found an actual fix. Go to task manager, details, steelseries sonar, set this to above normal priority. So strange..

  18. I just put up a barebones sheet and npc sheet

  19. THIS IS INCREDIBLE. Thank you so much, this "barebones sheet" is already absolutely fantastic and enough to even get campaigns started. Fantastic work!

  20. Hah! Someone watching told me the same thing, i'm very excited to try BBI

  21. Not even talking about BBI ... your quest in Gransys ain't finished yet Arisen.

  22. yeah the sky turned all mountain dew! gonna have to check that out tmrw!

  23. hope its still a 4man party and lets say u co op with ur buddy u both bring ur MC/pawn and if its 3 people only the host brings his pawn and if its a 4man group noone gets pawn. I rly did the pawn system honestly would like to bring 2more but i get it using other peoples pawns is super cool to see how they built them and stuff

  24. The big issue with this is XP. The worst co op games out there are ones that punish people for not being host, eg by not providing them progress (This is why co op dropped in popularity in Elden Ring until the introduction of the modded private servers) If only the host brought their pawn, the other 2 players would get no xp or knowledge for their pawn. And if everyone still brought their pawn anyway, there'd be optimisation, loading, hit effect and general on screen clutter issues.

  25. unpopular opinion (idk), i dont want the game to be another mmorpg or DDO. single player with pawn was REALLY balanced, BUT pawn system need to be improved.

  26. I dont think anyone wants it to be an mmo (from what ive seen) but just to have co opability.

  27. Your character looks great! One of the best I've seen. Love to see dark elves, don't see them very often in this game. (Don't know if that's what you were going for but if it is awesome! If not still awesome!)

  28. It was! I have a habit of making Drow characters in every game, i have dozens of them x)

  29. Im a 6'3 bear man with wonky posture and muscle tones with my chub, DD is the only character creator where I was able to actually make me

  30. Baldurs Gate 3 is going to have body size options on launch, I hope thats something that caters to all sizes too :)

  31. Please give us free movement on various X up to a limit to avoid cheating; I want some very basic filters, ideally with sliders for things like film grain intensity; no more dang giant watermark lol

  32. Warrior's dragons maw is awesome. Love the sword and board playstyle.


  34. As a first starter myself I thought I would get bored with sorc too with its auto target spell until I realized I could actually control where to cast my spells myself which made sorc even more fun for me .

  35. Yep! been my experience too so far, along with getting "Caged fury" which means if u get hit once, u lose all ur stamina and ur double damage buff :D Feels more high risk high reward, thus more fun ^-^

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