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  1. It sounds like she needs more support than time alone to work on herself. I dont see why this relationship cpuldnt continue while she betters herself and gets over insecurities. Just be there for her and be ready to compromise for her benefit, just dont let yourself become a sacrificial boyfriend that shes just staying with for famiarity.

  2. Oral is selfless sex. If youre recieving it, you should be comfortable giving it. Otherwise youre just taking advantage of someone unless your dynamic is explicitly one sided. Besides, have you tried it? Being open to new things is how you grow.

  3. Its a great time imo, honestly sometimes it packed like sardines but if the weather's good its a great time. I would make it just a day trip as early as you can get the kid up, because as the afternoon goes the folks get a little drunk and the lines suck. Go early, leave early, and stay safe!

  4. It should have access to the move in its default move pool, evolve it a few times and if all else fails hit the move tutor, but it should come through evolution eventually.

  5. Smthn bulky w Rest to stall weather (Snorlax is my fav), a fire or dragon typw for good coverage (i like goodra here), and mabey a special sweeper (togekiss can be brutal w Tri Attack + Ancient Power + Drain Kiss)

  6. Its not her responsibility to fix a man whos gonna learn his lesson one way or another. Mabey just a quick conversation of 'This isnt gonna work bc youre selfish in bed' and move on, not much more is deserved.

  7. I'd probably just recommend teaching the guy the proper way. No one is born with The Complete Guide to the Vagina + The Clitoris

  8. Agreed, but the post goes into the guys explicit refusal to even attempt doing anything for the woman to get anything out of it. This is a guy using women for sex and I'm not compassionate enough to give him the benefit of the doubt. If he wanted to learn how to please a woman, he would. If he was just clumsy and the sex was bad, I'd 100% agree that youre answer is right. However, this dude dosent seem to be the case where that would apply, imo.

  9. Okay so first off, dont try to use psycholigical tricks to get with women. You cannot fundamentally rewire someome from one psych class.

  10. Dont be afraid to make a scene, youre reaction was justified and smart. Making creeps just as uncomfortable as they make you is a great way to protect yourself. If theres a next time, you tell him the police are looking for him and waiting for you to get home safely. That should give him the hint if nothing else. Walk to the bus with friends (usually male friends get creepy guys to leave), do not give him any more information about yourself.

  11. No wizard is foolproof. Its almost part of the class to try and metagame scenarios like this its how they survive reliably. If its a shorter campaign, id limit the components to what's realistic based on the characters background, or offer to allow them to change the spell bc they didnt fully read the costs. If the campaign is longer, it say just let them have it, because oersonally i find wizard shenanigans highly entertaining to watch, and i just let them have their hero moments so a bbeg can plan better. If they use their trump cards early, a competent bbeg will be prepared for then.

  12. Im loving Wasteland 3, got it on a sale and am currently planning my next 3 playthroughs!

  13. You gotta beat Leshy in a fight, then when you end up in the camera room you can grab it before him.

  14. Firstly, intimacy is supposed to be fun. If youre feeling bad about any of it, a conversation is needed. Secondly, if you wanna explore kink, ask her what she's into and try it out. Let yourself enjoy your partners fun, and the rest will come. Godspeed.

  15. 'Too fast, Too Soon' is the games way of letting you know that youre story progression is behind where it wants you to be for the mechanical portions of the game. Basically, it expects you to discover story bit by bit as you get better at Leshy's game. Look around the cabin, and check to see if anything has changed between runs. ( P.S. with the right deck, you can beat the bears, even though the game expects them to kill you)

  16. Damage dosent overflow from a card to the player, only onto a card behind it (in the case of the Dealer having two cards in a lane). Hungry Child could take a hit and the player would take no damage from it.

  17. No thats correct. Since it is a 0/0 effectively, i believe it would just take one hit (with any damage) and die, although I've never played it myself.

  18. My friend, hes with you over every girl in his past right now. What other assurance do you need? You shouldnt feel bad bc youre not like his exes. You should understand that, mabey whatever he was searching for in them he found in you, which is why youre here with him now. Dont overthink being happy. If youre worried, talk to him. Simple as that.

  19. Good sign that she feels comfortable around you, or at least more so than around others. Dont read too far into it without persuing it further.

  20. I got lucky fitting into the first one I tried, but experimenting is really the only way to know if they really fit right. I'm just under 6" and about 1" across and regular Trojans fit me damn near perfectly. You can google size charts but most of them didn't agree so shoot for what sounds reasonable and adjust from there. Hope this helps mate

  21. Theyre pretty cheap, just get the smallesr pack available, they might be 5 bucks for the little 3 packs. You should absolutely not use one that dosent fit, because its way more likely to break and then youre really wasting money. Spend the extra cash to figure out what works for you, and if you use them with any frequency then youll be saving yourself a ton, plus whatever comfort youll gain from using the right ones. Too big are just uncomfortable for both, while too small just sucks for you, assuming it dosent explode in the middle if the action.

  22. Former shy guy, my lady swooped in and started hanging out with me outside of school and it helped me get comfortable with her before we got serious. She came over to work on homework and bacame familiar with my family, but neatly escaped the 'favorite friend' route by being very direct very early that she was intrested and wanted to see of we could take things further.

  23. Yeah. Rabbit squirrels or deck-searching squirrels carried my runs. Undying squirrels would also be great, and free item squirrels would pretty much let you skip playing. The list of bad squirrel sigils is probably shorter than free win sigils.

  24. You also have the option of restarting at the tutorial and just avoiding picking up the squirrel head, no? Or is it mandatory to progress? I feel like its a suitible powerful reward for the puzzle you get it from

  25. Well yeah I could play the game blindfolded if I wanted more of a personal challenge, that's not really the point from a design perspective. New players aren't armed with the knowledge of how powerful it is or what they're missing, they're just trying to find ways to win since that's even part of the theme of the chapter. The clover, smoke, bees, candle etc are all good discoveries; and there's no indication in contrast to those that the squirrel head is a win button when you're not even sure what winning means yet.

  26. I feel like the squirrel head lets you experiment with sigils and synergies reliably and with pretty obvious consequences for some sigils. Like, no new player is gonna figure out the problem with the infinite sacrifice sigil until they throw it on a squirrel and have no space on their board. And undying squirrels runs can also be lost if you stop paying attention, so the game will still punish you for not using the skills its teaching you, no matter how op you feel. This is also a rougelite, where op synergy is the bread and butter. Theres supposed to be these idyllic combos you imagine that of course you jump at the chance to utilize. Thats how some people have fun with these games. I wouldnt call it a win button either, because from inexperiance they could just as easily throw away better routes on the map to chase totem bases to make their deck pop off, and lose both candle flames in the process. Its for sure powerful, but its not foolproof. Even thematically, Leshy isnt the one with the deep game design, thats P03. Leshy plays cards for the lore, and the player can exploit these broken synergies to best him. That was my impression on my first playthrough at least, and damn did it feel good to kill the moon with Worth Sacrifice Squirrel and Bifurcated Sharks.

  27. First off, a 30 lbs difference and a 2 inch gap in height make you two more than roughly dissimilar. Understand that despite what society/social media tells you is the ideal, youre a person in a body and you just have to live with it. Dysmorphia and insecurity are a real thing, but you have to be objective about things like this, lest you go crazy. Im gonna drop some personal details to kinda explain what im gonna say next.

  28. I think the conceot is very cool and the model is super rad! As for balance, I don't thing the vulnerability is necessary, unless ypu plan to swarm the party with multiple of these. Its got a very cool miniboss feel and I think, like you said, the party will have a veriety of damage types available so the rotating resistance/immunity wouldnt be overpowered. That said, I have a suggestion.

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