AITA for selling my son's car to pay for his stepbrother's surgery?

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  1. I'd recommend changing to paper towel or tile or a loose substrate. I don't see how felt/blanket would be any better about not collecting bacteria and ripping out your buddies nails

  2. Oh hi I’m sorry. This was 2 years ago, she has paper towels now ((:

  3. Omg I think this one fits you perfectly! I’ve never liked these nails on anyone (no offence) but they look amazing on you!!!

  4. She’s looking at you so expectantly. Open up that Quest and let her play VR!

  5. Haha I wish she could play! She’s missing out on a lot of good stuff!!

  6. YTA. You gave it to him as a gift, so technically, it is his. It may still be under your name, but you gave it to him as a gift. You could’ve discussed this with him before selling the car and he maybe could’ve compromised with you.

  7. Omg how are you typing so fast! I’m impressed

  8. He threatened to leave you? Leave him first then 🤷🏻‍♀️

  9. You have a parrot there! Mine does the same and it’s been 2 years 🤣. She’s very cute tho

  10. Ok then, don’t ever leave him again! 🥰

  11. you're probably thinking of a UVB light. the coil UVBs actually aren't the best, you'd be better suited getting a linear tube UVB bulb, desert grade (:

  12. Do you have any recommendations? Any specific brand?

  13. My bf used to smoke when we started dating. I told him I don’t like smokers and am uncomfortable whenever he smokes but I’m not gonna stop him from doing it. I asked him to just don’t do it in front of me and to not smell like cigarette smoke when we’re together. He quit smoking for me. Lit up one last cigarette and after he finished it he threw the rest of the pack away. He’s never smoked ever since.

  14. When he said ‘I love you’ within 2 weeks of dating me.

  15. I never say it. Does it make me super smart? 🤣

  16. If you’ve been dating for a few months, sure. But if you’ve been dating for, let’s say 6 months or more, then idk 🤣

  17. I listen to him, keep him company, cuddle/hug him. I let him know that I am there for him no matter what. Simple as that

  18. A week before my 20th birthday I finally said “no” to my nmom. She threw a tantrum like someone took a candy from a 5y/o. She then kicked me out 2 days before I moved out.

  19. Just feeling sad in general. Like, you can’t do anything about what’s happening around you so you just sit there and be sad. Idk how to explain it but, yeah

  20. No offence, but it feels like eating toothpaste and chocolate at the same time. Not my fav, but I won’t eat it either

  21. Right!? I can't believe how much I like them. I typically only like more Gothic ones or like, really detailed ones that are impossible with polish. And I mostly only wear stilleto-shaped nails. But like. Damn. I love these.

  22. I think do too. What shape would you call this? I just knowi like stiletto and hate square on me lol.

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