1. I dated Angelina Jolie once. It was pretty good. But I got tired of her and moved on to Jennifer Lawrence. This was all a lie, because absolutely fucking nobody on here has dated a celebrity. Some of you cast nets in here that boggle my fucking mind

  2. I mean, if you didn’t like this question, you could’ve just ignored it and scrolled past it like what others are doing. I didn’t specifically say that you should comment here

  3. Good for you to go back and make them fix it. It’s a service you’re paying for.

  4. The manager called me herself. I gave them a 1 star review on Google 2 mins right after I left. She then called and apologized about my bad experience, and asked me to give them a 2nd chance and that she’d (the manager) do my nails herself

  5. Omg sammeeee. My mom kicked me out 4 months ago.. 2 days before I moved out. I blocked her on everything when she kicked me out. And some people are saying “life is short, go talk to your mom” or “she’s still your mom, go talk to her” like why should I? She’s such a bad parent 🙄🙄

  6. It’s making me wish I didn’t have a mom at all. It sucks how she’s 2 faced

  7. Everyone deserves respect. Doesn’t matter how old or young you are, you’re still supposed to be treated with respect.

  8. I wanna go again.. but it’s sensitive rn 🤣🤣

  9. My mom kicked me out of the house too, but somehow my relatives are saying I ran away from home?? My cousins are the one that asked me if I left home, but they didn’t know my side of the story (I don’t have contact with my relatives, other than my cousins)

  10. I am so sorry 🤣 I had to be quiet cause if she heard me move she’d wake up 🤣🤣

  11. Hey piercer here! It won't effect your breastfeeding maybe in some cases make it more easy (more holes for milk to come out). Milk come out of your whole nipple not just from one place

  12. This is very helpful!! Thank you so much. Now I just have to look for a reputable piercer here around my area! I’m so excited now!

  13. Never had a problem, and I had my nips pierced 3 separate times. Twice vertical and once horizontal. Left the verts in, and I would leave the balls off the bottom, and slide them out to breastfeed, and pop em back in so they wouldn't heal up.

  14. Omg, how long did it take to heal? As I really want one

  15. Ex worked in a morgue. A body was bloated and it was relieving pressure by expelling gasses through the wind pipe/esophagus. So the body would moan occasionally as the escaping gasses passed over the vocal folds.

  16. Ohh!! I’ve heard of this from this movie called The Possession of Hannah Grace!! It’s actually true haha! But that’s creepy 🤣

  17. Honestly, if you think your husband doesn’t desire you anymore, why are you still with him? You barely have sex, he’s cheated many times before, not to mention that when you initiate sex he says that it turns him off?

  18. Honestly, this guy doesn’t even deserve a phone call. A text would do then block him after 🤷🏻‍♀️

  19. Yeah! Congratssss!!! I’m proud! It’s been 2 months for me since going NC with my mom ((:

  20. Just being lazy and not having to worry about getting told what to do and what not to do

  21. Girl if there's one thing that did it for me it's learning how to have a resting bitch face. LOL I can do it on demand and if some dude is bothering me (I don't do it every time, btw only to creeps) I'll shoot the dagger eyes and that's usually enough.

  22. I feel this. But haven’t felt it in 2 months since my nmom kicked me out the house

  23. This is true. My nmom is probably the reason why I have anxiety (not diagnosed but I do get anxious a lot) and overthinks a lot and think that I’m alone, but I’m not. She gave me mommy issues, so now whenever I see a daughter with her mom, I get jealous and start to think to myself “What did I do wrong?” “Why does my mom not love me?” Shit like that, and it sucks because it’s like I’m begging for her love that doesn’t even exist

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