1. That’s my opinion in almost all games. Give me crisp 10-20 yours and that’s it.

  2. The guy looks like the German YouTuber „handofblood“

  3. So it's like owning a real boat!

  4. Starting from the crappy build which was too fragile for a LEGO model to using certain techniques to show off instead of doing something just good (e.g. the big StudsNoOnTop front right of the entrance), from a horrible and energy-devouring instruction app to the instructions not matching the bag contents. One could simply see that the refining touches of the LEGO designers were simply left out.

  5. This thing with „the stuff in the bag not fitting the instruction“ is really really cheap and annoying, that’s true !!

  6. I always used those white „magic sponges“ I have no idea how you can call it. But they work wonders

  7. In normal circumstances, they also likely would not have been twins.

  8. But will they look „the same“ ? Or a bit like the mum ? I am confused af

  9. You know what the craziest thing about this story is ? That 1992 is 30 years ago !!!!

  10. And you have those guys who stand on a bridge for 60 hours and paint the exact moment when the dragon flys over. Nice

  11. Can someone explain it to me how this works, like I am 5 years old ? Just in a few sentences if this is possible

  12. It depends, for me it’s a no go because it’s just gray in gray in gray in gray, like the other ucs Star Wars sets.

  13. the guy on the 4th pic reminds me of a celebrity but i can't figure out who it is

  14. It has to be intentional that they made it a 24 bag set which is exactly like an advent calendar. Never would have considered that but now that you’ve said it, it makes perfect sense.

  15. You build on a floor ? I tried this once. You know like in the good old times, but I can’t do this any longer :D

  16. Yes and in fact, you can also use the cable to charge a switch pro controller.

  17. Da hilft kein schütteln und kein klopfen, die Hose kriegt den letzten Tropfen.

  18. Somewhere inside the console, there is a master chief helmet.

  19. Ah yes the head of this studio learned a lot during his time at EA.

  20. That’s why I always use the pdf instruction, if there is a mistake, they update it.

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