What could be done to prevent mass shootings?

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  1. he's a great lyricists. his rhyme work and his ability to respond to his detractors, writing diss tracks is almost incomparable. He invented 50 Cent, and with Dre, built an empire of Rap. His "prime" might be behind him, but that doesn't take away all he achieved thus far. He achieved sucess in a "black enviroment", where a lot of those people never reached 1/32 of his success. He might not be top 5, or 10, but he surely is one of the greatest.

  2. properties I can finance to later make more profit

  3. I always did. it's just like any other store.

  4. Multiple subs. Whenever I encounter a quality Sub, I wouldn't share it with no one.

  5. a Private Business can do whatever it wants in regards of their practices if they are in accordance to the law. So yeah, I do think it's right, it's their choice. the same as Hooters doesn't hire Flat chested women.

  6. do it once. if she says no, or rejects the idea, drop it. make her feel she can have a safe space with you, so that in her terms, if she wants, you'll listen.

  7. first, how do you have problems with this, being married? second, what do you expect to get out of saying that? she just have different taste than you, what's the issue there?

  8. having 273 comments at this point in this post.. I don't really think im worht a compliment nor I think you'll ever see this

  9. although there is some political responsability in the matter. Karens will be Karens, either if a Republican is in the Office, or a Democrat. The society of entitle people and "they are taking my rights!" would have done nothing different. That was the main issue, in the case for the U.S

  10. -greeting almost anyone barely familiar with a kiss on the cheek

  11. made a decent book series. Destroyed it by talking after it.

  12. The uses of the dislike button and the banning option for subs to silence opinions you don't share.

  13. how about not letting guns be readily available to a sick and twisted society such as the U.S?

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