1. I know some of them from prior shows. For others, I just liked how they performed in their fancams. It's very early for me to have a solid list of picks, though. I'll make a better one when the show starts and I can learn more about the trainees.

  2. Ohh too bad I can't comment, they gave me a 14 day ban because I said I didn't think she'd get recruited by Hybe

  3. I don't know what you mean by "core rules of the game" but I'm sure those "rules" were made up by you and are not real.

  4. Same, but Baemon reminds me of Pokémon. So whichever they choose I'll be happy!

  5. Cuando los yankees quieren tildar a Argentina de nazi tendrían que nombrar Mar del Plata. Debe ser la única ciudad donde más o menos tiene algo de coherencia lo que dicen.

  6. OP no te veo quejarte por marchas judías donde se muestra la estrella de David...

  7. "Estos navos no joden a nadie" amigo no te enteraste de todo lo que hicieron hace unos años? Me parece que sí jodieron a algunas personas.

  8. Poking is the key. Even if you don't have any abilities available, try using auto attacks. Look at your own minions and take advantage of the enemy adc trying to kill them. When they're low health, that's a window you can use to deal some damage.

  9. Winning Clash with my friends. Not only I won a trophy and good rewards, I also grew closer to my friends uwu

  10. Tilting the enemy. Not in a toxic way. I just happen to main two champions that are frustrating to play against (Zoe and Yuumi). I love that feeling when I see my enemy type something in /all clearly showing I boomed their mental by just pressing a few keys. Game over.

  11. The G-group center was basically outed online so I don't think Mnet will try to push him. And I don't know if knetz would want to vote for a gay trainee.

  12. Just curious, would you happen to know if this news already reached the airwaves of knetz..? I only saw this on Twitter tbh and the comments were all from ifans, so I was curious if knetz also already got hold of this (from Twitter or Pann or whatever)..?

  13. Oh I haven't checked really, in fact I learned about his scandal moments before posting my comment. But now I'm curious, I'll check how Kfans reacted later today

  14. I want to see more Astro x Kim Yohan collabs. Hopefully next time he'll be with the full group and not just Moonbin and Sanha.

  15. Is there a chance to watch after the show ended? The schedule just doesn't work for me but I wouldn't wanna miss it.

  16. I was waiting for you to post this list lol. Thank you for your work! I already watched I few of them and so far I'm quite disappointed, most of the boys look like they're intimidated or bored. Hopefully this is just them not being used to the show and they'll improve quickly over the first few episodes.

  17. Wow, I definitely was not expecting this and I'm so thrilled about it. Can't believe I will actually have a chance to watch Astro perform live, I was sure they'd disband in February after AAF! This is great news!

  18. Rediturros que viven solos: cuánto gastan aprox en comida al mes? De CABA o de donde sean.

  19. So what will Minsu do now? I followed him on Instagram but he's not showing any hints about what he'll do with his career.

  20. It's been a long time since I liked a Produce song from the first listen. I suddenly got interested in the show, can't wait for February.

  21. Sin contar agua, el 90% de los líquidos que ingerí en toda mi vida tienen que ser té. Y me estoy quedando corto.

  22. Worst thing he did was ruining the show by still being there after Season 3A

  23. Camila is really something, love her but oh my gosh!! I'm rewatching Rebelde Way and seeing her in dreads feels like an omen lol. I read she's Felipe's kid's godmother. I thought that was so sweet!

  24. Haha yes!! She's really close to Felipe and Jazmin Beccar Varela (the girl who played Luján). Felipe and Benjamín are very close as well. It's good to see most of the main cast were (and still are) actual friends and not just co workers. It makes sense considering many of them had already been working together since they were kids. :)

  25. True but let’s not forget that Sakura wasn’t great at dancing either.

  26. You're not seriously comparing a rookie with a 10 year career idol

  27. Uh, does it matter? Fact is Sakura used to be terrible at dancing because J-idols don't really dance.

  28. Yeah, I'd say it does matter a lot. When you have a superstar join your company I don't think her skills were even considered at all.

  29. La cocina es una amalgama perfecta entre ciencia y arte

  30. Bueno, supongo que tiene que ver con lo que entienda cada uno como "arte", pero estoy bastante seguro de que la gran mayoría de los estudiados sobre arte van a coincidir con que la cocina no tiene absolutamente nada que ver con algo artístico

  31. Para decir eso es porque o no sabes cocinar, o no sabes comer

  32. Amigo, acabo de leer tu lore, te abrazo con el alma. Creo que a partir de hoy ni siquiera me voy a animar a ver a los ojos a alguien de Grindr si no me trae cinco certificados médicos.

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