1. They stopped getting on the phone, I use to get them all the time but about 5 months ago they stopped. Now they’ll only talk to us in extreme circumstances.

  2. Sometimes when I call support I think I'm straight tripping. I'll hit several numbers and then, I shit u not, I hear "please choose an option. 12,762,963." Then this repeats until it decides I didn't choose an option and hang up. Am I tripping?

  3. Somethings going on with DoorDash support. For a couple days it was a message that they’d only take your call if on an active dash. I was on one and others too and we couldn’t get in touch with support for 2 days.

  4. My Wingstop's ice machine been down for weeks. Been avoiding that place like it's the plague

  5. Those miscut backs could have a premium effect on the value of these cards. Probly best to keep or sell as a collection instead of piecing it off. I bought the deck when it came out. No miscuts. Plenty of warp tho . . .

  6. 1 mile through red lights a stop signs burns up waaay more gas than highway miles. I've been using this to my advantage a long while. Hit that interstate flying

  7. I did pretty good this morning. $80 in 3 hours and 32 miles driven. Been averaging $50ish all this week.

  8. Restaurants are slow but it's booming dropped a double stack at bdubbs for long wait time just to get a better double stack but also a long wait time. Both are tippers but distance too far to drop one. Guess I wait this one out

  9. Then if someone had 55, I would have turned around and reported that they didn't have sufficient funds.

  10. That don't work unless u can cover the pizzas yr about to ( no doubt) share

  11. Possible your offer had a hidden tip that would have &13.50 had you delivered so 1/2 is now $6.75.

  12. I bought a 20 gallon last time which costed $25. And i tipped $25 too... I did end up going to pick up from the car, instead of the front gate.

  13. Any shade from the sun. Most olive garden restaurants have trees all around their parking lots. Learn which restaurants take forever and avoid them. Find out which ones have yr order ready often and use that to yr advantage. Stay away from all Popeyes and Wendy's orders. And b nice to the workers. They'll have a harder time hating u (most do . . .)

  14. Double stacks can build yr totally quickly. And if they r at different restaurants to different people, u can attempt a decline and it'll show u the amount you'll lose. Good way to find a no tipper and decline it. Also, if it's two restaurants to the same customer I've never had a hidden tip. Almost always shows actual amounts. 2 orders for $8 to same customer for less than 3 miles sounds good until u wait and wait and wait at one or both restaurants and it takes u 30 min to make that $8. Now it doesn't sound so good

  15. I think it's funny when u get one on a shop and deliver and all items get barcode scanned and they complain something was missing. Should b a red flag on the customers side that they r scamming DD

  16. I don’t see why they wouldn’t pursue action against those people who abused it, they wouldn’t pursue the McDonald’s orders they’d pursue those who ordered tv and ps5 accessories, they will get that money back one way or the other cuz they won’t afford to take the L on their earnings report

  17. They could easily take the lost and let their insurance reimburse them. I don't think insurance reimburses legal action fees, tho I'm no expert

  18. If u dash today I recommend hanging around liquor stores and get that drunk money

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