1. It starts in full in 2025, likely after the Tories lose office, and I read somewhere it was unfunded (could be bollocks).

  2. This argument will be here for the next 50 years at least. I actually don't think it will be a vote winner (or changer) but I've always thought it would be a great way to generate additional tax. Considering how much we spend on rehabilitating drug users, and cracking down on drugs, I'd rather we earn money from it and be able to put that money to good use.

  3. Only helpful if you are a student at Beckett, but when I was doing my MSc, I would go to the library in the city centre around 12-2pm and stay there until the early hours of the morning, often after the sun was up, reading and writing. That library literally never closes, even on Christmas day. It was great because it's a big library, plenty of space to wander about, relatively quiet outside for the city centre so you can nip out for a smoke or a bit of fresh air, etc. Plenty of books, internet and such to keep you busy, and there were always at least a few other people around quietly working away.

  4. Band of brothers is one of the best shows I have ever watched. Done 3 rewatchs so far

  5. Agree. It's perfect. OP and her husband should definitely watch it.

  6. They don’t have a choice if they strike and durning all of this they’ve offered pay rises

  7. Sure. But the government is not going to start handing out future pay rises to nurses to match inflation. This below-inflation 'pay rise' will be used as a reason not to increase their pay for quite some time now. And if they won't even match inflation now, why would we assume they will in future?

  8. They will if the rate goes down. If the rate goes down to two percent and the nurses strike again they can hardly offer a one percent rise to stop the strikes can they? Because in the future inflation will be lower

  9. The idea that nurses need to strike every few years just to prevent constant real-terms pay cuts on crazy.

  10. Churwell is a nice area. The closer to Morley proper, the nicer it is.

  11. For real! I never bought their relationship in the show, not one bit. They basically just skipped over everything to focus on new and irrelevant side stories. At the end of episode 3, Joel acts towards Ellie as he did at the end of the capitol section in the game, but one car ride later they're joking together, Joel apologizes for Ellie having to shoot someone, etc. Meanwhile the chad game never had Joel even say thanks to Ellie for saving his ass, only a "it was either him or me" and then gave her the pistol. This exemplifies my biggest gripe with the show aside from them glossing over their relationship. The show constantly has Joel exposition dump his feelings to the audience, while the game trusted the player to understand what characters feel with the things they say and do. Perfect show don't tell in the game.

  12. The comments here could be straight out of the video game Disco Elysium.

  13. Really surprised to see so much love for this episode. It was watchable and I liked that they stayed faithful to the game, for the most part. But, I think this episode does a good job of summing up why this adaptation was serviceable but not great.

  14. Ok so people were like "best game adaptation ever! best show ever", and now that it's finished, suddenly everyone is like "that was shit"? wtf?

  15. So, for me, I had a gradual shift in opinion. Episode 1 and 2 seemed like solid establishing episodes. They stayed pretty faithful to the game but made some minor changes that seemed interesting. I wasn't sure about the spores vs tendrils change, for example, but was interested to see how it played out.

  16. Just looked at your profile. You have started more “Let’s Talk About John” posts than anyone here.

  17. Three in the last two months! I think the guy wants us to talk about John!

  18. Has he actually lost his job? He'll be back in a couple of weeks once this social media storm has died down.

  19. Have you taken your medication? Reading this feels like you're not living in the same world as the rest of us

  20. It seems very strange that they changed the way infected work and then did almost nothing with it.

  21. I feel like Part II had fewer infected/hordes compared to part I though? A lot of more of the enemies were humans proportionally.

  22. Sure. But 'hordes' of infected was something that only really existed in Part 2, and was quite crucial to two fairly important scenes (Abby meeting Joel and Ellie telling Dina she's immune). So my guess is they have a couple of big action scenes planned for S2 and the tendrils will be used as an explanation for how and why so many infected show up.

  23. Contrary to the other commenters, I adore Lonely Day and Old School Hollywood. My least favorite is This Cocaine Makes Me Feel Like I’m On This Song

  24. The point to give up is never. Keep going. You can do this. But you should start not giving a fuck about passing. Just keep practicing, keep developing as best you can, keep doing tests. But accept that you will keep failing until that one test that you get lucky with, because this...

  25. My driving instructor said always leave enough space that you can see tires and tarmac between you and the car in front. I always do that.

  26. I love those guys - dangerously overtaking one car at a time in a queue of 30 cars.

  27. I remember having them as a kid in the 90s. They were surprisingly good x

  28. It was my first ever taste of pizza. I refused to eat pizza as a kid but somehow considered a baked bean one acceptable. I was maybe 10 at the time and have been an avid pizza lover ever since that first bite! I'll have to get some of these in.

  29. I saw “Cabin in the woods” in theaters knowing absolutely nothing, not even the cast. It was a blast, wouldn’t have been the same if I’d had any indication of the tone or plot.

  30. Yeah, same but watched it at home. We were all laughing in hysterics by the end.

  31. Yet another example of a scene that the game did better

  32. It's not a popular opinion here, but true IMO. The scene here was really, really good. But the game definitely hit harder. The same with the show overall, tbh. Good show, but it's yet to quite reach any of the heights the game did.

  33. I couldn't disagree more. I love the games, but this show is the best way to consume this content if you have to pick one, or just aren't a gamer.

  34. If you aren't a gamer, sure. But the game just allowed so much more room to breathe. I think it's why the show feels rushed for a lot of people... the development of Joel and Ellie's relationship works so well in the game because there is so much room for the small stuff. The kind of subtle, nuanced, slow progression of those characters just hasn't been replicated in the show with the same weight for me.

  35. No that is the lie they keep trying to reinforce. They have muddied the waters between asylum seekers and illegal immigrants so much that you thought asylum seekers were arriving illegally. Watch Braverman squirm when asked by a Conservative MP about this in committee

  36. The video you linked makes clear that there are no "safe and legal" routes for people to enter the UK to claim asylum outside of specific countries. The MP makes clear that even beginning a claim for asylum immediately upon arrival is still illegal.

  37. No Braverman makes it clear if you claim asylum on entry that is legal.

  38. They can legally claim asylum at that point, but they arrived illegally. Not seen it addressed directly yet, but the article says that those who 'arrive' illegally will not be given the opportunity to claim asylum in the future.

  39. Everything JBP doesn't like should be punished in the most punitive of ways. For someone so apparently concerned with gulags and totalitarian authoritarian dictatorships, he sure has some extreme solutions to anyone not towing his own personal belief system. Individual freedom, my arse.

  40. Same boat. £1600pm in child care for a one year old. If we had another, there would be about a year where we would be paying £3200pm. I.e, impossible.

  41. It's crazy, and by far our biggest expense. At one point it cost more than our mortgage and car payments combined. If we didn't have to pay for childcare, we could, quite literally, afford a mortgage on a second house and another car whilst maintaining the same standard of living. Obviously that's not a realistic example of what we would do with that money, but it paints a pretty grim picture.

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