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  1. Ah, nice! Congratulations! And if played on turn 3, the lock doesn't matter?

  2. Yes, it's just a Andronikos if you play it on the last turn off a round, it automaticaly unlocks the cards next turn.

  3. That Phoenix edit of Armstrong actually is really good.

  4. Block that person, Great Dying is worth WAY more than all of that.

  5. Lock decks are frustrating. I give up as soon as I play against one. I want to play a game, not watch someone else do their thing while I sit there.

  6. Sphinx and Lighthouse of Alexandria could give you some punch and add Cleopathra to have a big Lighthouse target.

  7. Phantom Knights rank-up Magic card is a good way, it's searchable by Silent Boots if you want to throw a PK engine in the deck, and Wise Strix can also set it from the deck.

  8. Two months ago, or more, I havent received none for that period.

  9. Second this opinion. OlO is bae. His voice acting is spot on too.

  10. There can be no salvation for you, just F I N A L I T Y

  11. I'm afraid I must counter your operation with Operation 'Paranoid and Aroused'.

  12. "I'll be back huh! Or will I?"

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