Former Guantanamo prisoner: Ron DeSantis watched me being tortured

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  1. Considering he was splashed with feces… holy what a shit monster?

  2. Ron Desantis has said that Guantanamo Bay is a tough environment for JAGs... He literally thinks that they are the victims, not the human beings that are caged and tortured for years. That's psychopathy.

  3. Get a rear bar over a front bar. Also, I don't see any end links. You'll want new ones.

  4. It’s an interesting reminder that everyone was wrong in my opinion-Marlene and Joel, for not letting Ellie choose for herself

  5. Yes. Joel's decision was selfish. Protecting Ellie is his reason for being alive. The efficacy of the research, or the vaccine, how it will be administered - this utilitarian calculus never entered his mind. It's why he lies to Ellie, because it's more important to him that they stick together than telling Ellie what happened and risking her estrangement.

  6. I don't think he cares about any of that, is my point. When Ellie begins to explain that she doesn't want to lose more people to infection, he stops her. He refuses to tell her the truth and violates her trust. He wants to keep Ellie and keep her safe, for his own sake, all else be damned. Even Ellie's feelings be damned.

  7. Don't just show the top 1%, there are still actual workers like doctors and underwater welders that belong to the top 1%, and they aren't the problem. Show the top 0.1%, or better yet the top 0.01%. That's where all the wealth is going, to the capitalist rent seekers who know that laboring like you or me is for suckers.

  8. Old Bandai Namco logo looks like it should belong to Frito-Lay, it needed to go

  9. I mostly assume that most technology can be reverse engineered once stole.

  10. A country would prefer to do something like a joint venture, since it's cooperative and not antagonistic. You want someone to teach your workforce how to do it, so they can teach others and build up on the knowledge.

  11. Where is the important info like: Tensile strength, Yield strength, Compressive strength, Impact strength, Shear strength, Torsional strength, Corrosion resistance?

  12. The important part that's missing is that they aren't making steel, they are making iron. This is a different way of reducing iron oxide to make pig iron / direct reduced iron. This needs to be further refined into steel by controlling the % carbon and other alloying elements

  13. Iron (Fe) is its own element separate from Carbon (C) and Sodium (Na). Combine C and Fe and you make traditional steel. Combine Fe and Chromium (Cr) and you get stainless steel.

  14. Someone tried fact checking using ChatGPT on Twitter and ChatGPT was 100% wrong, despite providing sources (the sources were made up).

  15. Looks like they deleted their tweets in shame. Some guy responded to a tweet about an interview between Josef Stalin and HG Wells, saying the interview never happened. When asked WTF he was talking about, he said he asked ChatGPT and it said there was never an interview between the two, and he provided a screenshot of ChatGPT saying as much. He was dragged for using ChatGPT as a source.

  16. Blackstone fucking sucks. The last big news story there was about the woman hording her dead babies in her house. That was basically on the same block as the police station.

  17. When did he die. I mean when will he

  18. Globalism baby!!!!! Buy shit it's called Pax Americana bro just keeping buying more shit and everything is tight!!

  19. I don't know why people buy skins, I can't wrap my brain around people being mad at games not giving them enough free skins or, or buying a battle pass that gives you skins.

  20. Root cause: This is what happens when you have campaign contributions.

  21. People say there's a lot of deadlock in Washington, but the banks and megacorps that donate to both parties don't seem to have a problem getting their legislation passed...

  22. Tesla and SpaceX wouldn't exist without him. True, the hard work and innovation are done by the army of engineers he's assembled.

  23. What are HIS innovations? His strength is his ability to raise capital for capital-intensive ventures and get favorable government handouts to make them viable. EVs and rockets were not new spaces when Tesla and SpaceX started, they were just heavily consolidated industries with high barriers of entry because of how capital intensive they are.

  24. It's ironic that they don't lock up their guns because that feels 'safer,' when we know that a gun in the home is most likely to be used on a member of the home.

  25. Ape Escape. I loved that game so much.

  26. This. Ape Escape was the first game to require the Dual Shock controller, so I got both the game and the controller for Christmas.

  27. I just find it... weird... that like, there's carve outs in the bill for congenital defects of the reproductive system. Everyone is totally cool with mutilating infants' genitals so they "match" with their sex. It's gender-affirming care that the patient can't even consent to. It could even just be for appearance and not strictly necessary, but that's okay because gender is binary and the infant with a congenital reproductive defect is wrong and needs to be fixed.

  28. Yeah, I don't know what it is about this car but it does feel harder to shift than a lot of others I've had. If it has a lightened flywheel I would think that would help it, not hurt it though. Less work for the synchros to do. If someone installed a short-throw shifter, you might want to toss it. Changing your MT fluid might help too.

  29. why is freewheeling undesirable? to not miss out on the passive engine braking or is there something else to it?

  30. The force of the rear tire pushing you forward is very important to how the suspension works. It's complicated. It affects the length of the wheelbase and the self-centering force of the handlebars.

  31. Occam's Razor at work. Disfigured or mutated humans are possible according to the rules we already know. Aliens or demons require an entirely new world view.

  32. Americans don't even want to build this stuff, it just wants the profit from building it. The government has to subsidize advanced manufacturing because no exec would make that investment in this country.

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