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  1. I tried your book some time ago. The problem wasn’t the genre. It wasn’t the spelling either. It was the realism. There’s just a lot of things that don’t make sense at all in your superhero story.

  2. yea i remember. i know there are problems in my superhero story. but i think after the first half of the first ch. there are no problems after that.

  3. Yes but many readers will drop a story after couple of paragraphs if it’s not good. They won’t have the chance to even get past the first chapter.

  4. Many times I read long fics on ao3 with 5k- 10k words chapter length. I like stories with long chapters. And mostly if it’s good writing, it will not seem that long.

  5. Or should I start a "Let me find your MC" service? Lol I have to do something with all the pics I've saved over the years.😅🤣

  6. I looked at your profile and I like the MC pics you post! I think it’s cool and can help people find what they want their MC to look like

  7. I used this line in a college project about editing a movie to be a different genre. Harry Potter become a Snape/Harry love story, very 50 shades of grey

  8. Is it on YouTube? If so can I have a link? For research purposes, of course. 😏

  9. I swear some guys legit think if we hear that their penis is erect we’d become so wet we’ll hydrate an entire forest with our vagina.

  10. Poppy from QB. Kind of hard picking between her and Aislinn from FOA. But I like dommy mommies a little more

  11. Hmmm. They are very similar. I think it’s no 1 for me?

  12. I was supposed to go to the army straight after 12th grade. But crohns decided to surprise me halfway through 12th, and the army disqualified me shortly after. It sucked because I had no other plan. So I just started a biomed degree. After first year, I decided to quit that and start electrical engineering. Which I also might quit.

  13. If you come back to the exact time you left, no one would be able to wake you up in that split nanosecond. You can live 40 years in your DR and just come back to the exact same spot you left in CR.

  14. Oh hell, I think I’ve tried reading another one of this guy’s fanfics once. It was like 30 schools in the Triwizard tournament or something and Lily was alive and she was an agent of some kind and brought potential candidates to the tournament and also had like 6 masters because “all teachers in ilvermorny have more than one mastery” and I was so confused.

  15. I read this as hopeful. The past person realizes how awful it will be, resolves to improve the future, and erases the traveler’s timeline.

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