1. Jedine schopne ministerstvo. Aspon, ze tam si nerobime hanbu.

  2. Je to nepodstatne. Rovnakp Ako nikto nesleduje statiariku chripky alebo prechladnutiam

  3. Ako sa tento šašo dostal do parlamentu naozaj nikdy nepochopím

  4. Je to obraz Slovaka. Vsade bol vsetko vie a kto krici hlasnejsie ma pravdu.

  5. Kollar je uplna stoka. Najhorsi typ Slovaka. Az mi je zle Jak to pocujem. Ale tak treba chranit mafiu pcolinskych a podobne.

  6. Why would UCI use zwift, seems like there have to be better options for racing online. Zwift physics are just random.

  7. Living in Europe makes me forget that so much of the world doesn't use 24-hour time. So confusing to read this.

  8. oh lol, I was wandering why they start at 3 in the morning.

  9. works for me most of the time, but I spent 10 min last time getting angry. Because for some reason if you use powermeter as power source, it does not find your smart trainer. Makes no sense as other aps work like that no problem.

  10. It takes some trial and error. FIA should do some trials in FP1 each weekend to find the sweet spot for each track.

  11. they should simulate it, can't be that hard. They have all the data.

  12. good. Some of the passes were like watching cars on highway.

  13. I really don't like Google's UI, I find it way harder to read at a glance, and how it STILL doesn't automatically recenters really bogs my mind. The lack of speedtrap and crowd sourced alerts are the killing blow for me, some times I turn on Waze even though I know my route exactly, I just want to know if there's an accident or something in the way

  14. Same, not sure if it is my colorblidness, but while driving with maps, I am lost, I cannot tell where to go. It is so thin and weird colors.

  15. Why not hope Google adds these features to Google Maps instead of hoping they keep spending double the resources on similar apps?

  16. because google is lazy. And each app has it benefits.

  17. I also had covid twice. Once before getting vaccinated and once after, both also a year apart. The first time was so bad I thought I was gonna die. The second was so mild because of the shot that it was essentially a cold.

  18. In Italy we are at 5 for certain people and by September (monza) we're gonna reach the 7th shot for some. But i understand what you're mean, but it's not an easy shot anymore imho

  19. videl som video na yt, kde nejaka americanka vrieskala na ludi niekde v madarsku ci kde. celkom smutne.

  20. vsak testy to odhalili, cize pohoda

  21. What a nonsense. From the info, they were jumping on the stage and stealing the packages, no parents present and just a big mess. And he stayed till the end anyway.

  22. What we really need is to lower taxes to small business and the middle class so to incentivice the growing of the private sector and to give the population more spending capability

  23. how will politicians provide helicopter money before election then.

  24. How is roamania and bulgaria with their borders? Are they properly secured, or what was the issue?

  25. The standard of “thin” is very different for men and women. I rarely see “morbidly obese” women on magazine covers but I very often see ones who are stick thin. People think women who are a healthy weight are actually fat.

  26. Yep. And women have been loudly asking for more size representation for a very long time. It's finally happening, and that's great!

  27. not sure it is great promoting unhealthy people.

  28. No, you are not. VPN is provided in only 20 countries and if you live in country where the VPN is not provided (eg. half of the Europe), you will not have this option too. Not just India and Singapore mentioned by Google. Provided = you can't buy it in 2TB plan

  29. nice, basically pixel outside of us, provides no additional features compared to other phones.

  30. Still don't understand why companies would release a phone with hinges that will get ruined by a bit of sand or dirt.

  31. whole thing is just gimmick and I bet will disappear in few years.

  32. pixel 7 is my first pixel, and I have no problem with it. My only complain is overprocessed photos.

  33. I mean no shit? No need to commute to work, no need to go for work lunch each day. No need for new stuff all the time.

  34. I saw Australia is debating about a 3rd round of boosters (5 shots all together) as their winter approaches because Singapore didn't show any improvement comparing 4th and 5th. So for everyone that was saying but how many boosters will you need. Seems like 4 is good, tho possible that a new booster is needed in 2024.

  35. that seems crazy. Most people just have 2 or 3.

  36. from all the media and politicians the vaccines were supposed to stop the pandemic. In the end, they helped a little, covid mutating helped even more. People still got ill.

  37. Filmy a serialy den co den bez titulkov, max eng titulky. Potom v hlave mysliet v eng namiesto slovenciny. A pripadne su aj rozne konverzacne kurzy.

  38. absolutne vobec nie je potrebne metro v bratislave.

  39. ale nejaka fast elektricka je. Lebo dostat sa na druhu stranu BA trva celu vacsnost, ked to porovnas s autom ktore je tak max 20 min.

  40. I'd mostly agree with your positives. While as a woman I'll never feel super safe walking alone when it's dark out, in general this country feels much safer than some others. Public transport can be very annoying and I've definitely had plenty delays with buses and especially trains but you can mostly get by with public transport. And our country is also extremely walkable unless you live in bigger cities (that generally have better public transport)

  41. it's really about bubbles. At my work, not sure what the average is, but most people are below 40 and a lot around 30. And it is total opposite of what you said,

  42. awtt says:

    Mna najviac stve ze nemame semafory az za krizovatkou ako kazda normalna krajina.

  43. Presne, nie je nic lepsie ako stat na krizovatke prvy a vykrucat krk 2 minuty aby som dokazal vidiet na semafor.

  44. mne ani nie. Je to prehladnejsie aspon vies ktorz semafor je tvoj a kde konci krizovatka.

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